Episode 26: Working on roof of the Off Grid Camper

working on camper roof

Join me today while working on the roof of the off grid camper and afterwards as I take a break to share a quiet moment in nature. With my feet hanging carefree off the side of the camper enjoying a short break. If you remember last episode we finally got the camper to the off grid

working on top camper roof 3

working on top camper roof 3

land. Today’s podcast was recorded Memorial day weekend as I was working on the camper’s roof. Yup.. the camper is here after several months and its time to get busy!! So the weather was nice and the birds were out there keeping me company as I scraped all of the old roof materials. The close to 40 year old camper was now off the grid and first on the priority list was getting the roof straight. The camper is in really good shape for its age. The camper’s roof had several layers of tar, paint, and who knows what else up there to keep the rain out. I had a 3 or 4 inch scrapper, a large wire brush, good pair of work gloves, a gallon of spring water, and snacks. Yet today was a good day on top of the camper.

I learned a few lessons when working on the roof. Lesson one: as humans we are really bad at estimating time. Whatever job you have planned double the

estimated amount of time needed. Lesson two: Double check and “estimated” amount of materials you will need for your project. This is especially important when going off grid! If you are a good long drive away from any stores where you could buy forgotten materials more time means slower progress. Lesson three: Life can be an adventure and we should all take some time once in a while to smell the roses. Ferris Buler said it best in Ferris Buler’s Day Off.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it!

Thank you for joining me with another edition of Off The Grid Podcast! Without you there would be no podcast 😉 This journey is has been a major learning experience and its just getting started! So if you like the show post a question or few for today’s episode. Thanks!

working on top camper roof 2

working on top camper roof 2

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