Episode 83: Work with what you have in the time & weather given

christmas presents

Today’s episode of the Off The Grid Podcast is coming to you once again fromluggable loo the camper after a very fast Christmas weekend. As we round the final days here in December New Years Eve is next up on the years list of holidays. If you tuned into last episode you heard the bell ringing and saw the little Christmas tree I decorated in the middle of the woods. That was the extent of decorating for me this year. lol Once again it was a great enjoying some wonderful food and quality time this Christmas with family and friends. After we all ate gifts were exchanged. As usual I have a couple of funny stories to share but I will leave them for you to listen to on the podcast because it is late.. late at night as I type this now! 🙂 After racking my brain as to what to give some friends and family this year I decided to give a few practical items that were already on hand. Again there are a couple of funny stories firewood 1 small treeto go along with a couple of gifts that I gave for Christmas.

Later that afternoon my cousin came over to hang out. Despite the extremely wild temperatures of about 80 degrees here on the Christmas day we made a bonfire. The thing is my cousin lives on the grid and being out here is a bit of fresh air so to speak. If you were to make a bonfire out where he lives you would soon hear the sound of big red firetrucks roaring down the road as your neighbor freaks out! The next day we ventured out exploring a little looking for a couple of walking sticks. So needless to say any chance to do outdoor stuff is a good time. Living off the grid does have its advantages! lol 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: If you want to have everything ready for Christmas you better start early!
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