Episode 97: A Quick Update ~ Wood from the Forest for the Hugelkultur Garden

levi in the woods

Today’s episode of the Off The Grid Podcasthugelkultur wood from forest is more of a quick update. I was running short on time because I spent a little more time than planned out collecting branches and tree limbs from the woods.. then veering off to explore a bit! If you have been keeping up with the recent shows you have heard me mention I am going to need a lot of downed wood for the garden. Wood in the garden you ask? Yes. This year I will be making some hugelkultur beds in my garden (buried rotting wood, twigs, and branches) so everything I can scrounge up from the hugelkultur wood from the forrest 2surrounding forest will be made good use of! Last year I ad high hopes that my garden would be big, productive, and good eating! Unfortunately as the year went on I found myself easily overwhelmed with everything that needed to get done. First and foremost was simply getting out here off the grid. The camper needed much more work than I anticipated so the garden quickly got out of control and hard choices had to be made. Fast forward to this year and I am eager to have a bountiful garden this year. A few years ago I integrated a couple of no till hugelkultur beds into my garden. That was in the suburbs and after a few strange looks I had a wonderfully successful harvest from the garden that year. This is why I have been collecting so much wood from the forest.. I still need and want to get a LOT more!


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  • Today’s lesson: If you know what is coming then do what need to get ready now!
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