Episode 96: Weather is a Game Changer when Living Off Grid & New Segment for the Podcast

more rain mud

If you are living off grid the sometimes wildly changing weather such as rain, snow, and anything else associated with variables mother nature has in store for you can be a game changer. Here lately it has become increasingly clear that I need a 4WD vehicle. Yes I really appreciate the fact that my car gets 40mpg but.. let me take a deep breath for this statement.. ok.. The fact that I have been seriously stuck once (needed a tow), dug myself into the mud several times “mudding” while trying to get out, completely missed the driveway (and was ok because of the snow), spent hours placing / moving MANY twigs & branches, dragged many logs / branches / tree limbs out of the woods, and used a LOT of firewood for traction in the muddy areas should be my sign that enough is enough. Either that or I still need to learn the lesson of dealing with slippery driving conditions in order to enter or leave each day for work. So yes the weather can and will make for a serious game changer when you are trying to do anything outdoors while living off the grid.

“Enjoy the ride”

On a lighter note today’s podcast marks the beginning of a new segment for the show called Time Travel Tuesday. 🙂 This is a bit long to explain by text here so I will let you simply listen to the podcast episode. Also one year ago today marks the beginning of the Off The Grid Podcast when I first began recording episodes. It all started out Valentine’s Day (February 15) as I began counting down the days to going off grid. If you are a long time listener you know that my journey has been long and um.. adventurous to say the least. It has been a lot of work simply just getting out here. The first year if you remember has been all about basic survival. Most of which has been directly related to the weather. The dead heat of an extremely hot and humid summer gave me a whole new understanding of the serous aspects of “summer fun” when you do not have AC. On the flip side this winter has presented me with an entirely new set of challenges related to staying warm when the temps drop to 10 or 12 degrees at night. If you have not given much though to the transition of living an average life on the grid to life in a camper with no power or water then I strongly encourage you to learn as much as you can before you give it a go. For me this was a leap I eagerly welcomed along with all of the ups and downs that lifes hard lessons had in store for me to learn. After all life is a gift, it is a journey, it is so many things, and should be lived to the fullest we can with all it has to offer. So whatever that means to you please do something good with your life on your terms.. and don’t forget to keep an eye out for whatever you can learn along the way.


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Weather can be a game changer when living off grid. Get a 4WD vehicle!
  • I did not get a Pic of the Mic from today’s Time Travel Tuesday segment but will upload and edit it here for tomorrow!! Please see Feb. 17, 2016!! 🙂
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