Episode 85: Warm to Cold weather & adding New Segment to the Off The Grid Podcast

snow flurries outside camper

If you are living in an area that has been experiencing unusually warm temperatures then suddenly colder ones your not alone. Today’s episode of Off The Grid Podcast was a bit like the earlier days when I recorded the shows in my car. After waking up to snow flurries and temps in the mid twentys carried along a gust of cooler wind I realized that winter had arrived. As I took a few steps just outside the camper I also realized that the ground was frozen solid. It was strange because 2 days prior it was very squishy mud! lol So much for summer weather.. wait this is January right? Great Snowman Poop THAT is SNOW falling outside the camper!!! The howling winds and swaying tree tops that woke me up several times last night prove that indeed winter is here. 🙂

Moving on to something new kicking the year of 2016 off right I will be adding a new segment to Tuesday shows. You can look forward to more great stories as I go through some of my stuff that I’ve collected from over the years. If you have heard me refer to most of what we accumulate over the years as simply “stuff” then please put this in a slightly different category. The new segment will be called Time Travel Tuesday. Why time travel you ask? Well think about it. If you have a small toy or something you have been hanging onto from childhood chances are that item has a special meaning or memory tied to it. The new segment for the Off The Grid Podcast will give me the opportunity to share some of my cherished memories with you and at the same time a moment of reflection to also let go. To let go of some of the emotional ties associated with the items I have collected over the last 40 years. If you have had any kind of a life worth living you have experienced many good times and many not so good times. Hopefully more good times. ..SIDE NOTE: As I type this now a song is playing (Just Like Heaven ~ The Cure) on Pandora that reminds me of the Bottle Cap I mentioned in today’s show. Time moves so fast and with the turn of the new year an invisibly tap on the shoulder reminds us that time does not stop. A favorite quote comes to mind:

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while you could miss it.

If you are reading this now please take a moment to reflect back on the last year of your life. Are you moving in a positive direction? Are you taking steps to live a better life however or whatever that means to you? Are you growing and learning as a person? Are you giving back? That last one can be taken any way you like. Giving back to your family, friends, loved ones, a charity, volunteering, or mentoring? OK I will get off my soap box for now. 🙂 2016 is a new year and with it a blank slate to your future. Yes the show motto is “Its not what you have. Its what you know” but don’t forget to learn from your life experience and when your up for some entertainment please join me for a little time traveling on Tuesdays! lol Maybe I can learn something new from the past as well. Lets make this a great year!


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Even if its unusually warm outside continue to prepare for winter and the future!
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