Video Post 4: Driving out to see the Off Grid camper for 1st time!

driving to see camper first time

Some people might not see the value and incredible life lessons bestowed with the walls of a fixer upper camper but after less than a year let me assure you that life lessons are plenty! My journey from the suburbs really began to take shape earlier this year as the phone rang with news that someone had a camper to give me as a gift. All I had to do was get it here. Today’s video post for Off The Grid Podcast was filmed on the road as my friend and I were headed out to see the future off grid camper for the first time. I had been counting down the days. With months of anticipation behind me I could not wait to see the off grid camper for the first time! Surfing the internet looking for pics and videos of the same year camper was just not the same. Little did I know that my journey to living off the grid was going to be a daily adventure and class life was about to be in session! If you are a regular listener to the podcast you know the show motto “Its not what you have its what you know”. I though I had a camper.. life it seems was not with out irony. It was not the possession of an item (my new/old camper in this case) rather this was about to be one of my first lessons “what you know” as I saw the camper for the first time. With imagination driving my mind and gratitude in my heart my friend and I headed down the road enjoying the snow covered countryside. Life’s lessons were about to begin and indeed life was now in session.


Video Post notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Be grateful for all gifts life sends your way. You never know where gratitude will take you next!
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