Episode 17: The adventure of changing 4 flat tires in the rain!

If you have ever changed a tire then you can identify with today’s little adventure of changing tires in the rain and mud. With the rain coming down at a steady pace then off and on the clay mud made it a bit challenging to say the least. My cousin, my uncle, and I went out to change the four tires and rims despite the dreary weather. Everyone new this was a necessary step to moving the camper and I was focused on the fact that this was simply one step closer to.. living off the grid. Every time we took a couple steps our boots caked on more clay / mud and we grew 2 inches taller. lol It was a good long drive out to get to the camper so we stopped for lunch. My cousin and I had a were talking, telling jokes, and having a good time when we got to talking about the common sense that some people seem to be lacking. This lead to a funny conversation about “critical thinking”.

Thats the thing about critical thinking. It’s CRITICAL!

As we were out there changing the tires and rims the rain continued. We had to literally dig out 3 of the 4 of the flat tires once the off grid camper was jacked up. All in all it was a good day and we had accomplished a lot in this step to my journey going off grid.

Note: Episode 17 of Off The Grid podcast was recorded in March. 😉

August 3rd, 2015 by