preparing for tropical storm
September 3rd, 2016 by Off The Grid

If you live on the East coast of the US then you probably already know about the tropical storm. Out here in the off grid camper I need to take extra precautions. When you are living in a shelter that is not quite as solid as a traditional house that means you better know when to bug in and when to bug out or you may find yourself in a bad situation. Luckily it looks like this weekends tropical storm should be on the mild side. One danger to watch will be watching for tornadoes. At least that was one thing the weather report / forecast said to keep an eye out for.

One main thing that I built that needs to be taken down getting ready for a stormis a large lean-to on the side of the camper. I took 4 small tree trunks and leaned them up at about a 45 degree angle on the east side of the off grid camper. Then I tied a huge tarp over them. It acts like a giant shade / roof on the side of the camper that blocks a good portion of sun during part of the day. There have many dog days of summer that I have been very grateful to have it! With the threat of a potentially serous tropical storm on the way I wanted to make sure this did not turn into a huge sail that could possibly break any of my windows or do other damage. Aside from that most everything else has been moved so that it won’t fly around to much. It looks like hopefully this will not be that bad of a tropical storm. Here in Virginia most people are used to hurricanes and tropical storms. Unlike most people I am um.. living off grid in a camper so storms and sometimes crazy weather mean paying attention a little more.


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  • Today’s lesson: When you know a storm is on the way try to prepare early!
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