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May 5th, 2016 by Off The Grid

If you have ever really looked at debt long enough to realize that its not always about money then sooner or later social debt will come to mind. It seems like one of the ongoing themes in my life this last month has been debt. Even more so the last week tuning into social debt. They say the when someone helps you out or does you a favor you are more likely to repay that “social” debt that you would if it were money borrowed. I would say this is true.. at least in my case this week.

Recently I have found myself committing to help some friends with a BIG move while getting increasingly frustrated about not getting my garden going yet. Here it is now May and I still have not put plants in the ground yet! AAAAAAHHH! Did I mention that I am frustrated yet? I don’t mean in a cheesy looking for a good woman kind of way either. lol All I want to do is get this years off grid garden going. I will leave the rest for today’s podcast episode. 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Try to balance your “social debt” with other responsibilities in your life the best you can.. even when things get very frustrating!
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