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August 24th, 2015 by Off The Grid

After another fast day of many time was flying so I decided to have a snack under the stars on top of the off grid camper. There was a refreshing gentle breeze going as the crickets and frogs put together a symphony below. The night sky was a mix of stars, scattered slow moving clouds, and distant flashes above from heat lightening. My feet were hanging off the side and the breeze along with being up on top of the camper kept the bugs in check. The mosquitoes were not that bad up that high so it was a relief. I took some time to enjoy a snack after moving a few things out to the camper before the move off grid.

Its important to simply slow down from time to time and appreciate the world around you. Looking up at all the stars out here (off the grid) in the middle of nature was a constant reminder that I was wanting a telescope again. When I was a kid I had a telescope. It was really cool searching the heavens with a new set of eyes or at least one eye open. lol Back then I was still living in the suburbs so the nights sky was no where near as clear as out here. Out on the off grid land it was a good ways away from city lights. This was excellent because city lights probably hide more than half of the stars where as out in the country they are literally.. all over the sky! lol.  So next time you get a chance take a look up and admire the night’s sky in all its glory. If you have a telescope get a closer look. 🙂

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