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August 27th, 2015 by Off The Grid

As I lay down to sleep last night looking up at the foot and a half wide cabinets going the full length of my bed I realized there were more bunks in the camper! Don’t you just love discovering new things when you move into a new house? Well in this case it was my off grid camper with a lot less space than the average home so I was excited. lol I don’t know why but for what ever reason it never occurred to me as to why a camper this size would not have more than 3 beds. It tunes out that there are 4 bunks (2 up top & 2 below) toward the back middle part of the camper. Being off the grid in a camper is challenging enough so discovering new space was awesome!

“There are no problems in life only challenges”

Another new addition to the off grid camper was a decent refrigerator. The dorm size fridge that originally came in the camper did not work. My aunt had graciously offered to let me borrow her refrigerator for as long as needed. There was only one problem.. er umm.. “challenge”. The two deep cycle batteries that were hooked up only days before did not seem to have enough power to run my new off grid refrigerator for very long. The power inverter made its usual unhappy sound of “Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr” after only an hour or so of plugging the fridge in. So this was yet another challenge of many that now seemed to be a daily exorcise of patience coupled with a fun game of “hmm ok. Now what?” I am still very much a rookie in this new land in the off grid landscape of nature.

“Its not what you have. Its what you know”

Living off the grid has proven thus far to be very exciting in one way or another! 😛 Every day offers the opportunity to learn something new if we pay attention in life. I grateful be able to learn all of this quickly in kind of a sink or swim attitude by jumping straight into this lifestyle. My journey off grid has only just begun but I still consider myself fortunate to have this opportunity to try “it”. Several people that I have spoken to over the years (myself included) have always said “I wish I could do that.. live off grid”. Its crazy if you really stop to think about it because it was not that long ago that everyone lived this way. It was the norm. Through much patience, some planing, and the kindness of close friends & family I have made this small leap of faith off the grid. Life is in session. Are you paying attention? So if you ever find yourself in a camper deep in the woods looking for more space and having issues with power just remember. There are no problems in life only challenges. Learn what you can because its not what you have. Its what you know. 🙂

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