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June 30th, 2016 by Off The Grid

If you are a regular listener to the Off The Grid Podcast you know that the last few weeks there have not been any shows posted. Hopefully most of you realized from the last episode that I was house sitting. Well.. back to the SHOW!! lol Today’s show was recorded on the grid as I reflected back at the full circle so toon grid garden drip irrigation speak from right about a year ago. House sitting was in essence like a vacation for me because out here in my normal environment things most people take for granted like on demand power and running water are luxuries for me. lol The off grid camper is a very humble albeit simple abode. It is smack dab right in the woods with a beautiful view of mother nature. Now lets step back a moment.. or about a year to the stark contrast of life in an average suburban house.

Middle class America certainly has its major advantages when it comes to the way we lived 100 years ago.. but at what cost? Yes the standard of living is arguably much better across the board for most Americans. The thing is that with all of our modern technology, endless distractions, and mindless obsessions with the constant upgrades while keeping up with the Joneses we have become blind to the beauty that quite frankly is right under our nose most of the time. There is an almost unfathomable amount of beauty and wonder in nature all around us. No doubt you have heard me speak of our “concrete jungles”. Despite the efforts of our modern advancement into what once was mother nature’s back yard there is still amazing life everywhere. Its kind of like when there is space between plants in your garden.. something will begin to grow there. cool catThe last couple of weeks I wasted a lot of downtime watching TV. Oh sure I saw some awesome movies and zombie shows that I have been wanting to watch. The thing is they call it “programing” for a reason! So I challenge you to take a break from the TV or whatever it is that you feel you spend more time wasting time. Even if it is simply sitting down outside all by yourself under a tree while the breeze gently whispers in your ear. Even if you can’t make it outside until later when its dark outside.. go look up at the stars and take in the magic of a twinkling star while the world goes to sleep. Even if it is simply doing.. Ok you get the picture. The point is for you to go out and do something that most of the time you only look at from the edge of your comfort zone while never taking time to pause.. and realize that the life you have been given is a gift. Don’t take that gift for granted. Enjoy some of the simple things in life and pause when you can to appreciate the beauty all around you that often times is right outside your window. 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: When it comes to downtime like watching TV for example remember moderation is always a good rule to follow. ..Its called “programing” and “the boob tube” for a reason. Don’t turn into a boob! Get out and experience the joy of life you have!!!
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