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August 26th, 2015 by Off The Grid

Today was special because it was my first official day waking up in the camper Off The Grid. Today’s episode was recorded the morning of July 2nd after a restless night of very little sleep. It had been a long day yesterday with a class late so it meant my first night in the camper meant going straight to bed. I woke up this first morning off grid with a gentle sprinkle across the roof as the sun was breaking free from the clouds. The chirping birds, soft symphony of crickets, and sweet breeze of a quiet morning was very different from what I was used to yet a welcome change. I still don’t have AC but the night before was 73 or 74 degrees so it was good and comfortable. Despite being the middle of summer it was still early enough and I was grateful to be enjoying a mild 77 degrees to start the day. It was humid with a solid cover of clouds but it was a bright good morning. All in all my first impression was akin to basically if you were to go camping. As you can tell I was tired and had not quite woken up to full alertness yet. πŸ˜› With everything in the camper a long way from being 100% it was still not clear as to weather or not even the batteries were good. The day before I had just flipped the switch with the solar panels.

camper-mess-1The camper was still a serious mess with everything everywhere! The flooring was halfway ripped up with basically a 4 foot by 8 foot section toward the front of the off grid camper. Several boxes along with miscellaneous household stuff were everywhere in part because it was time to get off the couch! If you have been following Off The Grid Podcast you have heard my crazy journey to this point. Until now I was staying at a friends house on their couch and i got old fast! Today was the day that I had been looking forward to for a long time. I started recording these episodes of the show documenting my journey from the suburbs to off the grid back in February. A lot has happened since then and the adventure is about to now begin off the grid!

Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

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August 11th, 2015 by Off The Grid

A weekend at the flea markets in springtime means finding more tools for working on and cleaning the off grid camper. If you have been following the podcast then you now I love hunting for deals at the flea markets. Today was one of the first good days with warm spring weather in this area. Combine that with the fact that most of the people with stuff at the flea markets are looking to sell after a long winter and you can save a lot of money! Yes I found a few good deals.

Ironically just after checking out the flea markets I attended a Minimalist group meeting. If your asking what is minimalism or what is a minimalist your not alone. If you don’t know Minimalists are people who are on a path to make their lives better and create more meaning with less “stuff”. There were about a dozen people at the Meetup from all walks of life. Everyone had different versions of what minimalism meant to them. Having fewer possessions has really made more and more sense during this move. As I take this step from living in an average size house in the suburbs to living off the grid in a camper minimalism is sounding very good right now. You can’t take it with you when you check out here on earth so um.. yeah.

Today’s episode of the Off The Grid podcast was recorded back in April along the way into the camper. Please post if you have a question or comment and again thank you for listening! πŸ™‚

Show notes from today’s Podcast

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August 10th, 2015 by Off The Grid

Welcome to another exciting episode.. well not really. I had a cold and my energy was low driving back on late to night to a friends house. So if my voice sounds a little off thats why. If you remember my cousin and I were out at my uncle’s about a week ago. Today I was back at it helping my uncle jack up the camper and clearing brush around the camper. We got the camper moved around so it is now ready to go! Woo Hoo!!! I also got some video of the off grid camper. (the video has not been posted yet – will edit here when it is up) After packing and moving my possessions were essentially organized chaos and my stuff was now out of my old roommates house.

Along with the long days, long drives, packing, and moving everything was going full steam but my body needed more down time. Ultimately I pushed things too far and my body made it a point to tell me to slow down by kicking out a common cold before the cold weather went away in place of spring. Normally I prefer to try and use only homeopathic natural remedies but this one was really kicking my butt! Yes making homemade cough syrup and thought lozenges are really not that hard. (will make some for future episodes of the Off Grid Podcast)

The mic was hanging down around the rear view mirror on the drive to my friends house as I looked forward to a good nights sleep. Yes you can get a good nights sleep on a couch when you are that worn down and exhausted! If you have been keeping up with the ups and downs on my journey to off the grid you know that I was crashing on a friends couch. It was not ideal but it was temporary and when they say that is key.

If you waste your time looking at the past you will not be able to focus on your future.

Spoiler alert!!.. the future is here! The future is now because these episodes are being posted documenting my journey along the way. Today’s Off The Grid Podcast episode was recorded March 24, 2015. I am now enjoying all that nature has to offer off grid in the camper. πŸ™‚ Thanks again for listening!

Show notes for today’s Podcast

  • Video mentioned in today’s episode will be posted and I will edit here when done.
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  • Podcast episodes are being posted 5 days a week to get caught up to current shows!

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August 4th, 2015 by Off The Grid

When my family and friends finally saw that I was serious about living off the grid unexpectedly things started to change. Have you ever gone through some major changes or times in your life where your trying to make your life better and some people seem to push themselves out of your life? Surprisingly close friends and family began to shift in and out of my life. This move from the suburbs to an off grid life meant many changes in both my everyday life as well as my personal relationships. It seems like when your trying your best to explain to people that you REALLY have a LOT going on other people can be stuck in their limited point of view of “but you always”.. when in reality everything was changing. Its like some people just do not or simply refuse to see beyond the fact that you are on track with your goals and they are stuck in the old routine that they are comfortable with. I once heard that when you grow / things change for the better in your life then the people closest to you also have a tendency to change. This was especially true about the people I cared the most about and it was a little hard to accept.

Some people are deaf to words. They only respond to pain and loss.

Today’s episode was recorded after another long day and I was very stressed out over close family and friends that I care about! My ex-girlfriend (she broke up with me by the way) was seriously stressing me out wanting time to talk and get back together. I was literally going non-stop trying to balance work, final moving details, getting the off grid camper here, and working through the shifting of long time relationships of friends and family I’ve know for long time. Close friends were following that same pattern as well adding to my stress.

I apologize for being a little down in todays Off The Grid podcast. It was a lot harder than I thought in the way that many of the people I had known and cared about for years seemed to shift in my life. Unfortunately.. Fortunately things were all happening for a reason and it was all for the best. So there the best thing to do was stay focused on my goal of living off the grid in the camper. After all when life hands you stumbling blocks you need to turn them into stepping stones. πŸ˜‰

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July 30th, 2015 by Off The Grid

My goal for being off the grid by yesterday has been delayed! We drove out to look at and possibly tow the camper back but it was not ready. I was REALLY trying to be off grid by the first of the month (March 1st) but everything became coldly realistic that the camper was not ready to move or roadworthy. So after a long beautiful drive with country scenery my friend and I drove home disappointing after a long emotionally tiring day. The good thing is now that I have actually seen the camper I can now start to brainstorm about building and working on the off grid camper projects.

The day after our trip out to see the camper I was up until 4AM packing the last few boxes for my move. Yes I had been packing, sorting, throwing away, and giving away STUFF! Yes every time you move you realize that our consumer driven society has made its way into our everyday life because.. we all have way too much stuff! We seem to accumulate more than we need and moving into an off grid camper meant letting go of a lot of non-essentials. Along with sorting and moving life also kept me moving on the personal front with my ex-girlfriend. For some reason this seems to be a major transition point in my life with regard to everything from friendships, life stuff in general, moving from on grid to off grid, and my job / career front as well. Why is so much change going on right now? Oh did I mention Its also my birthday? Yep.. not just any birthday but the big 40! Happy birthday to me! lol. I don’t know but this is not only a time for change but also an opportunity for great growth as a person. Sometimes the wisest thing to do at times like these is to simply pause, take a deep breath, and try to objectively look at your life as a whole. Life is in session. Are you present?

Today’s podcast episode was recorded back in March along the way of my journey before I was off the grid.

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July 28th, 2015 by Off The Grid

Today my friend and I drove out to see the soon to be off grid camper for the first time! It was a day filled with excitement, awesome scenery, along with a few ups, and downs. Tonight’s Off The Grid podcast was recorded really late at night after a very long day of driving! The drive out in the country down long scenic roads and natures beauty around every corner made the anticipation that much greater. I was really wanting to check out the off grid camper and this was the day. My uncle had warned me that the camper did need some work. He seemed doubtful that we might be able to take the camper today but my friend was impatient and he was the one with the van (ability to tow the camper) so I could not tell him to hold off like my uncle suggested.

When we got there it was obvious to me that my dreams of going off grid in my new camper within the next few days were slim to none. My friend on the other hand was as I said impatient and seemed to have blinders on. First off the camper was down a fairly long dirt road.. up on a hill, parked on a “campsite”. There was still snow on the ground but the melting daytime temp turned everything into slush and mud so that was another major factor against us. We all got out and my friend went straight to cutting the rope holding the tarps down on the roof. I took one look at the camper after the short adventure ride on the dirt road and knew this was not happening today. I was optimistic in a sense and looked at this as basically a micro adventure and mission to get info about what the off grid camper would need for next time.

This show was recorded (back in late February) on my journey along the way before I was off grid. If your liking the episodes please post a question or comment and share the Off The Grid Podcast with your friends!

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July 27th, 2015 by Off The Grid

Continuing the countdown with 3 days left until moving off the grid. After recording the podcast while on the road, at work, in the house, and most everywhere else I took a walk out back of the house for today’s episode. Listening to a guy singing down the street I walked in the snow collecting my thoughts for the last few days on the grid.. or so I thought (today’s show was recorded in Feb.before I was off the grid). Earlier in the day checking out the local roads through the neighborhoods and the interstate snow weather is still a big issue.

With only 3 days left until we were set to go get the camper the cold snowy weather was going to be an important thing to keep in mind. Another major issue on my mind was that I still have not seen the camper and did not know what needed to be done. Was my future off grid camper road ready? Did the camper have any leaks in the roof? Does everything inside the camper / trailer work? With the deadline only 3 days away and issues on the home front being extremely tense was I going to be able to have everything ready on time? These and many other questions were swirling in my head as I tried to make this move off grid into the camper would be as smooth a transition as possible. The problem is.. SCRATCH THAT.. (there are no “problems” in life. Only challenges) whatever was going on in the universe to introduce so much change at this point in my life was really pushing me out of my comfort zone and causing me to grow as a person. When faced with new challenges you have little choice to face things head on and either bend and grow or break and not. This is a time of great opportunity to both learn and grow!

Thank you for listening and if you like today’s Off The Grid Podcast episode then please post a comment here and share with your friends on Facebook!

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July 18th, 2015 by Off The Grid

With the move off the grid my mind was focused on the transition and changes ahead. Join me today as I ride down the road while the snow really starts to come down sharing thoughts on changes going forward. Thinking about all of the changes from every day life going from living in the suburbs to off the grid inΒ  a camper can be overwhelming. Today’s show comes to you live from my car as I head to the store in the snow.Β Heading to the grocery store my modest little car makes some noise but gets awesome gas millage for this area snow shuts down everything everywhere! Its not that common here in Virginia. Anytime you go from systems of support to living off grid its a bit of a change. Living in the suburbs you simply flip a switch for light, turn a knob for heat, and pull a handle to flush a toilet. Living off the grid is a little different to say the least.

The microphone hangs around the rear view mirror while I share some minor drama and yup you guessed it.. Change! I found out the day after valentines day that the reason my now ex-girlfriend procrastinated about getting together for Valentines was because she wanted to break up. Happy Valentines day! lol Which leads to reiterating the fact that this is a time of transition and a lot of change in my life heading off the grid. This is a major transition from living in the comforts of a nice warm home to an off grid camper. Yes its a short ride down the ride down the road and it all comes down to the reminder to stay flexible. Going off the grid requires a willingness to asses your current status in life as well as your relationship with people in your life because change is a constant. The ability to strengthen your mental muscles and willingness to adapt will be a strong skill in times like this. Transitioning to living out in nature means I was in for a LOT of change!


Today’s Off The Grid Podcast episode was recorded February 2015

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