August 4th, 2015 by Off The Grid

When my family and friends finally saw that I was serious about living off the grid unexpectedly things started to change. Have you ever gone through some major changes or times in your life where your trying to make your life better and some people seem to push themselves out of your life? Surprisingly close friends and family began to shift in and out of my life. This move from the suburbs to an off grid life meant many changes in both my everyday life as well as my personal relationships. It seems like when your trying your best to explain to people that you REALLY have a LOT going on other people can be stuck in their limited point of view of “but you always”.. when in reality everything was changing. Its like some people just do not or simply refuse to see beyond the fact that you are on track with your goals and they are stuck in the old routine that they are comfortable with. I once heard that when you grow / things change for the better in your life then the people closest to you also have a tendency to change. This was especially true about the people I cared the most about and it was a little hard to accept.

Some people are deaf to words. They only respond to pain and loss.

Today’s episode was recorded after another long day and I was very stressed out over close family and friends that I care about! My ex-girlfriend (she broke up with me by the way) was seriously stressing me out wanting time to talk and get back together. I was literally going non-stop trying to balance work, final moving details, getting the off grid camper here, and working through the shifting of long time relationships of friends and family I’ve know for long time. Close friends were following that same pattern as well adding to my stress.

I apologize for being a little down in todays Off The Grid podcast. It was a lot harder than I thought in the way that many of the people I had known and cared about for years seemed to shift in my life. Unfortunately.. Fortunately things were all happening for a reason and it was all for the best. So there the best thing to do was stay focused on my goal of living off the grid in the camper. After all when life hands you stumbling blocks you need to turn them into stepping stones. 😉

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July 30th, 2015 by Off The Grid

My goal for being off the grid by yesterday has been delayed! We drove out to look at and possibly tow the camper back but it was not ready. I was REALLY trying to be off grid by the first of the month (March 1st) but everything became coldly realistic that the camper was not ready to move or roadworthy. So after a long beautiful drive with country scenery my friend and I drove home disappointing after a long emotionally tiring day. The good thing is now that I have actually seen the camper I can now start to brainstorm about building and working on the off grid camper projects.

The day after our trip out to see the camper I was up until 4AM packing the last few boxes for my move. Yes I had been packing, sorting, throwing away, and giving away STUFF! Yes every time you move you realize that our consumer driven society has made its way into our everyday life because.. we all have way too much stuff! We seem to accumulate more than we need and moving into an off grid camper meant letting go of a lot of non-essentials. Along with sorting and moving life also kept me moving on the personal front with my ex-girlfriend. For some reason this seems to be a major transition point in my life with regard to everything from friendships, life stuff in general, moving from on grid to off grid, and my job / career front as well. Why is so much change going on right now? Oh did I mention Its also my birthday? Yep.. not just any birthday but the big 40! Happy birthday to me! lol. I don’t know but this is not only a time for change but also an opportunity for great growth as a person. Sometimes the wisest thing to do at times like these is to simply pause, take a deep breath, and try to objectively look at your life as a whole. Life is in session. Are you present?

Today’s podcast episode was recorded back in March along the way of my journey before I was off the grid.

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July 29th, 2015 by Off The Grid

Today we take another drive on the road as I try to remember anything that I may have forgotten or will need for the off grid camper. Remember moving by itself can be a challenge so when you are going to be living off the grid that brings into light a whole new set of challenges. It also meant facing unexpected obstacles and new “what now” moments along the way. Part of moving ANYWHERE let along off the grid means sorting through your stuff. Today I sorted through my DVD collection along with more random stuff.. all leading to a simpler lifestyle once I did get everything into the off grid camper. Thinking more about the basics such as heating and cooling along with power and water were at the top of my list. You need to think about what will be critical because living in an average house on the grid typically these are not concerns. If your not able to create a comfortable home environment braving the elements make it harder and possibly even a life and death situation. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post here or email Thank you for listening to the podcast!

Today’s Off The Grid podcast episode was recorded the day before going out to see the camper for the first time in late Feb.


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