possum up a tree outside off grid camper
January 15th, 2016 by Off The Grid

When living off grid in a camper if only a few things are out of place then things begin to look cluttered. If it gets out of hand then you have a serious cluster blankedy blank on your hands. Last episode of the podcast I spoke about how I have been watching a lot of movies here lately and as a result inside the camper is a mess. In the end I have only myself to blame because instead of being productive I have been escaping into the world of watching action adventure movies on a flashing screen. The thing is there is so much beauty just outside my window. All I need to do is take a walk out the camper door! Snapping back to reality for the moment reminds me that I need to stay the course and clean up the inside of my humble little home. Unfortunately I see to have found myself feeling overwhelmed with everything loosely crammed into almost ever corner and shelf inside the off grid camper. Everything will work out though! This really is a relatively small and manageable space compared to how much “stuff” you would find in most “average” households.

If you are a fairly new listener to the Off The Grid Podcast then hopefully you are not too lost with this being episode 88. Its still something I need to remind myself from time to time that new people are tuning in and with that they or possible you 🙂 may need a brief run down as to almost the last 90 shows. I was reminded of all of this after reading the reviews on iTunes for Off The Grid Podcast. Overall the reviews have been very positive and for that I am truly grateful. Yes we all have opinions but if you ever had a time in your life when you really put an enormous amount of time and effort into something (in this case the podcast) then positive feedback is important. It is important because that correlates to a positive motivating factor that encourages me that I am doing the right thing by sharing this journey. Yeah I get a personable sometimes but hey.. that is just part of being human right? lol Anyway thank you again for listening and continuing to check out the shows. One day when I make it big I will not forget you! lol 🙂

Also before I forget once again here is a link to the video post with Hatchet Jack the Possum up a tree! 🙂


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