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July 19th, 2016 by Off The Grid

Join me today as I get back to the off grid camper talking about my homemade AC cooler, gardening, and coping with summer heat. As you may know I have been house sitting quite a bit these last few weeks. It seems like going back to a live that most people quite frankly take for granted left me in the same spot.. Honestly I got lazy while enjoying the AC on brutally hot summer days, cooking like civilized folk in a “normal” kitchen, and just plain relaxing in front of the TV with a good movie. In case you are wondering NO I do not miss the urban city life. I very much enjoy being out in nature with the peace and quiet that only the birds, bees, and rustling trees can bring. I do however very much want to stay comfortable when the elements are extreme though. So take a listen as I revisit the idea of putting my homemade AC unit cooler to use with a couple of slight modifications to the design. As the birds chirp happily up in the trees recording today’s episode of the podcast got difficult as the off grid camper began to quickly heat up. As always thank you for listening and if you have any questions, comments, or ideas to share please post or email me. 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Its easy to get lazy when your life is easy. Get up and make the life you want because each day you are either taking one step toward or away from your goals.
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July 25th, 2015 by Off The Grid

Around midnight recording an episode for the Off The Grid podcast sharing the days adventure in the snow and ice on the road was exhausting. We don’t get a lot of snow in this part of the country. Living on the east coast of Virginia means nobody knows how to drive in the snow! The local traffic and road personnel were not prepared for the messy combination of rain to wet snow, sleet, and ice on the roads. The highways were packed with crazy traffic and really bad driving conditions! The snow was compacting and quickly turning to ice as the sun went down. As the night went on while driving I was reminded that living off grid would mean being more prepared for driving in remote locations in the snow.

I was almost home when just off the interstate about a mile from my destination my car began to slide. Heading extremely slow up an incline traffic was going a snails pace as about 10 cars up the light turned RED! I knew that if I could keep going even slow I would be ok. Unfortunately the traffic light turned red and everyone stopped. When it turned green it was time to go but my car started sliding backwards as traffic was moving forward. Thank God a guy stopped and helped me get unstuck. Lesson for the day.. If snow is on the way carry a bag or two of kitty litter to help with traction if you get stuck! Do you know of any other ways to get unstuck in the snow and ice?

Today’s Off The Grid Podcast was recorded back in February while counting down the days to my journey off grid.

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