July 24th, 2015 by Off The Grid

Sitting in my car I try to think of everything else that I might need to live better off grid. Preparing for life in the cold at this time of year means you need to think ahead! At a cold 27 degrees outside its a chilly reminder that the weather and the unforgiving elements must take priority if you are to survive in mother natures world. Pausing briefly to watch my breath in the freezing air as the car warms up several more things come to mind. Thinking about the pros and cons of a good LED headlamp with regular batteries vs rechargeable batteries. Talking about an inexpensive way to heat a small area with a paint can, rubbing alcohol, and a roll of toilet paper. Also I bought a bucket for poo because the camper does not have a toilet.

This off the grid podcast episode was recorded back in February ~ These shows are being posted in an effort to document my entire journey off grid. My camper is now in mother natures back yard and I am a visitor here! Life off grid is awesome! Thank you for listening and please stay tuned! I am still having to do a lot of work (July now) so if you have any tips for things that will make life easier please share them here and post your ideas! Thanks!!! 🙂

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