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August 31st, 2015 by Off The Grid

If your like me you love your cast iron. I was enjoying a spectacular night under the stars while cooking some “viddles” off the grid on the rocket stove! Viddels is a funny way of saying FOOD if you didn’t catch that 😛 lol. Cooking off grid with a good old fashioned cast iron skillet on the rocket stove here under a brilliant night sky was as good as it gets! I had only been out here in the camper for about a month now but time was flying so fast. This opportunity to simply slow down for a late night skylight dinner anticipating the satisfaction of a full belly was a good one. Making the best with my time when trying to simultaneously get things done rebuilding the camper and needing to prepare for winter meant any time cooking on the grill would be appreciated!

cooking ecozoom rocket stoveOut here off the grid mosquitoes are huge! Compared to the pesky ones I was used to these were about 2 – 3 times larger. Seriously! Yes off grid mosquitoes can really bug you! On some nights you can almost get carried away.. umm. Ok so I was joking about that last one but yes they are very big and very aggressive! lol So I was all suited up with blue jeans, a light long sleeve shirt, an LED headlamp, and a mosquito net for my head. My only safe zone was close to the fire by the grill where the mosquitoes seemed to view it as an immediate no fly zone. lol

A few years ago I spent the money and got an EcoZoom Rocket Stove. After watching a number of videos over a couple of months I was sold on the big idea in a small package. What is a rocket stove? EcoZoom zoom zoom what!? If your asking coking on ecozoomyourself these questions your not alone so don’t feel left out. A rocket stove is a super efficient “grill” / stove that allows you to use any twigs, small branches, leaves, pine cones, and anything else small you can find in your back yard or nature that will burn for fuel. Once you get the rocket stove going there is virtually no smoke. The little off grid cook stove is so efficient it burns all of the combustible wood gases to. The EcoZoom is a very well made rocket stove. The only down side might be the high cost.. relatively speaking. One of the main factors I took into account became apparent very quickly was the savings in money switching from countless bags of charcoal and the occasional backyard grill replacement to this heavy duty upgrade. If your going off grid or already living off the grid then a rocket stove is a very economical option to grilling and cooking out. If your funds are limited I would strongly suggest making your own out of common bricks or cinder blocks. I will post a video soon and link to it here on how to make a rocket stove out of cinder blocks.. It is super easy!!!


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