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February 24th, 2016 by Off The Grid

Today’s episode was recorded just after midnight. Why so late you ask? Well it was technically very early for a Tuesday episode because I stayed up late to share this special show with you. This is a special episode because I put my LED head lamp on and went walking out into the woods in search of the sound of a frog symphony. Each night for about the last two weeks or so the frogs have been growing in numbers. The incredible amount of rain, sleet, and snow we have had this way over the last month has created plenty of flooded areas out in the woods for the frogs to sing to one another. The thing is the growing numbers of these little amphibians make for a really cool change to the sometimes absolute eerie silence of some winter nights. Its nice to know that spring is on the way! If you tuned in early on when I first started posting episodes for Off The Grid Podcast I spoke about the crickets and frogs last year. At times the frogs were deafening. Mother nature it seems has decided it was time to begin prepping for spring with a beautiful nightly symphony of frogs in the forest outside the off grid camper.

Also with this being a Tuesday episode statue of liberty coin 100the new segment “Time Travel Tuesday” item is a special one to me. Flash back about 30 years ago to the year 1986. Back then my dad got me into collecting coins as a kid. One day a Sears Catalog came in the mail. I was pleasantly surprised when my mom told me that she had ordered the catalog specifically to get the Statue of Liberty coin for me. The thing is this is not just any coin. This copper coin contains some authentic material from the Statue of Liberty. How you may ask? If you are a history buff you may remember that in 1986 they were doing some major repairs to one of our nations great monuments. With Sears being a forward thinking company they saw an opportunity with the coinciding date. Sears was founded in 1886 and while they were refurbishing the Statue of Liberty in the year of 1986 this made for a “100” bit of history to align with in celebration for the company as well. I hope you are enjoying this new Time Travel Tuesday segment. As always if you have anything to share please email me anytime. speaking of “100” episode 100 is coming up for the Off The Grid Podcast her in another week. Man it is absolutely amazing how time flys!


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: If you find yourself on the path less traveled in life don’t get discouraged when some people look at you funny because they may never understand.
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