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June 7th, 2016 by Off The Grid

If you have been a long time listener to the Off The Grid Podcast in the last year you know a lot has happened out here in and around the camper. Right about this time last year my journey from the suburbs to a life outside the “normal” average American experience took a detour into the unknown. I had spent a good amount of time, energy, and money getting ready for living closer to nature in an off grid camper. Most people are already familiar with the term but in case you were wondering what it means to live off grid here is my definition. It is choosing to live without “grid tied” utilities.. as in now power or water. Yes I have solar panels for electricity (although they are not 100 percent because I need new deep cycle batteries). Yes I do have running water but it is not in the traditional sense you think of in the average household. What has this lifestyle taught me over the last year? In modern society we have it easy. I would even venture to say it makes us all soft.bean seedlings sprouts

In the last few months as summer was fast approaching I found myself looking back on everything I have been through in the last year. All of the challenges both physically and mentally. The human condition / experience is an amazing experience if you are brave enough to live fearlessly. Now with that being said I don’t mean being stupid! As I quickly found out if you do not have your common sense about you at all times your environment can turn deadly before you know it. Another angle to this recent reflection is that the lesson of history seems to in small ways laced or intertwined into our daily lives. As I’m sure you have heard “if you are not a student of history….”. Anyway these are some of my reflective thoughts for the day. Hopefully you are enjoying the podcast! I am constantly reminding myself at just how grateful I am to be able to experience living off grid out here in the camper among all of the sometimes strange and wonderful woodland creatures! lol


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Try to learn as much as you can from history. It repeats itself!
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driving to see camper first time
December 7th, 2015 by Off The Grid

Some people might not see the value and incredible life lessons bestowed with the walls of a fixer upper camper but after less than a year let me assure you that life lessons are plenty! My journey from the suburbs really began to take shape earlier this year as the phone rang with news that someone had a camper to give me as a gift. All I had to do was get it here. Today’s video post for Off The Grid Podcast was filmed on the road as my friend and I were headed out to see the future off grid camper for the first time. I had been counting down the days. With months of anticipation behind me I could not wait to see the off grid camper for the first time! Surfing the internet looking for pics and videos of the same year camper was just not the same. Little did I know that my journey to living off the grid was going to be a daily adventure and class life was about to be in session! If you are a regular listener to the podcast you know the show motto “Its not what you have its what you know”. I though I had a camper.. life it seems was not with out irony. It was not the possession of an item (my new/old camper in this case) rather this was about to be one of my first lessons “what you know” as I saw the camper for the first time. With imagination driving my mind and gratitude in my heart my friend and I headed down the road enjoying the snow covered countryside. Life’s lessons were about to begin and indeed life was now in session.


Video Post notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Be grateful for all gifts life sends your way. You never know where gratitude will take you next!
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car ride
August 28th, 2015 by Off The Grid

Today’s Off The Grid Podcast is going oldschool with a short car ride reminiscent of the early days of the show episodes. As always a lot has been going on so I figured the best way to keep you guys and gals updated was to share some stuff along the drive. Backing out of my muddin “driveway” a good sized swarm of mosquitoes got stirred up from the warm engine condo under my car hood the night before and swarmed the car as I came to a stop to put into first gear. First up more drama with the people that were going to be repairing the floor. The contractors that did more damage in a single day than I could tolerate.. which is a lot because I am an extremely reasonable and patient person to deal with. If you missed it check out Off The Grid podcast episode 31 to hear what a crazy frustrating weekend it was.There were several projects hinging on the floor being done. Until the floor was repaired a few other projects were on hold.

A friend of mine had called the week before and gave me a small portable generator. The generator was in very rough shape and far from running condition hence today’s adventure drive to find some parts at a lawn and garden store. Most lawn and garden stores would not carry the part I needed. The generator was used on a boat and needed a new carburetor so I was making a good drive out by referral to one that was out of the way as a last hope of restoring this little old generator to running condition again. I was really looking forward to getting this thing running because it would mean I would have access to a small yet valuable BACKUP power supply. Originally I was going to simply drive my car all the way in the woods and park next to the off grid camper to charge the deep cycle batteries as needed. The huge mess that was left after the “frustrating weekend” made my path impassible in my car. Well to be fair I could probably make the short drive but would most likely tear up the underside of my car so a generator was the best option for now.

A few quick points for the drive wrapping up the show.. hmm. On a culinary side note I scored a really good deal on some grass fed beef so I was going to be eating good tonight. If any of you are up to date on all of the science experiment kind of “stuff” in our food supply and in this case the beef industry then it can be scary. Today’s Off The Grid Podcast episode was recorded back in mid July. I did end up recording another show later this same night which will be Monday’s podcast. Thank you everybody for listening and also a special thank you to Tina and West Texas Desert Prepper for posting a response to yesterday’s episode! I really appreciate it 🙂

Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Multitasking is not a good thing but sometimes it is the best way to use your time!
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July 28th, 2015 by Off The Grid

Today my friend and I drove out to see the soon to be off grid camper for the first time! It was a day filled with excitement, awesome scenery, along with a few ups, and downs. Tonight’s Off The Grid podcast was recorded really late at night after a very long day of driving! The drive out in the country down long scenic roads and natures beauty around every corner made the anticipation that much greater. I was really wanting to check out the off grid camper and this was the day. My uncle had warned me that the camper did need some work. He seemed doubtful that we might be able to take the camper today but my friend was impatient and he was the one with the van (ability to tow the camper) so I could not tell him to hold off like my uncle suggested.

When we got there it was obvious to me that my dreams of going off grid in my new camper within the next few days were slim to none. My friend on the other hand was as I said impatient and seemed to have blinders on. First off the camper was down a fairly long dirt road.. up on a hill, parked on a “campsite”. There was still snow on the ground but the melting daytime temp turned everything into slush and mud so that was another major factor against us. We all got out and my friend went straight to cutting the rope holding the tarps down on the roof. I took one look at the camper after the short adventure ride on the dirt road and knew this was not happening today. I was optimistic in a sense and looked at this as basically a micro adventure and mission to get info about what the off grid camper would need for next time.

This show was recorded (back in late February) on my journey along the way before I was off grid. If your liking the episodes please post a question or comment and share the Off The Grid Podcast with your friends!

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July 26th, 2015 by Off The Grid

When your going to live off the grid you need to have reliable transportation. If you love to drive you need to have your transportation well maintained. My car looks like a bit of a clunker but it gets awesome gas mileage and this is why I love my car! Because my car is approaching the technical status of being a “classic” car means that I need to keep it well maintained. A good tuneup along with regular new tires and other stuff the your ride calls for means money needs to flow so you can “go” off grid on the road!

If you have been keeping up with the off grid podcast episodes even this early on then THANK YOU so much! I really appreciate you listening. If you have any comments or questions please post on today’s show here or send me an email. Stay safe you guys!

Today’s off grid podcast show was recorded several months ago. I have been posting these episodes as fast as I can to get you up to speed with daily / weekly shows. 🙂

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July 25th, 2015 by Off The Grid

Around midnight recording an episode for the Off The Grid podcast sharing the days adventure in the snow and ice on the road was exhausting. We don’t get a lot of snow in this part of the country. Living on the east coast of Virginia means nobody knows how to drive in the snow! The local traffic and road personnel were not prepared for the messy combination of rain to wet snow, sleet, and ice on the roads. The highways were packed with crazy traffic and really bad driving conditions! The snow was compacting and quickly turning to ice as the sun went down. As the night went on while driving I was reminded that living off grid would mean being more prepared for driving in remote locations in the snow.

I was almost home when just off the interstate about a mile from my destination my car began to slide. Heading extremely slow up an incline traffic was going a snails pace as about 10 cars up the light turned RED! I knew that if I could keep going even slow I would be ok. Unfortunately the traffic light turned red and everyone stopped. When it turned green it was time to go but my car started sliding backwards as traffic was moving forward. Thank God a guy stopped and helped me get unstuck. Lesson for the day.. If snow is on the way carry a bag or two of kitty litter to help with traction if you get stuck! Do you know of any other ways to get unstuck in the snow and ice?

Today’s Off The Grid Podcast was recorded back in February while counting down the days to my journey off grid.

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July 23rd, 2015 by Off The Grid

Taking a short drive to a fast food drive thru for a convenient meal I started thinking about the fact that there is no FAST FOOD when your living off grid! Hungry and don’t feel like cooking? Meal preparation will be a priority. When I’m off the grid distance will mean this is not an option. Thats a good thing right!? lol Anyway I really do not like fast food or more accurately the “stuff” that a majority of “junk” thats in the fast “food”. Driving in the snow also thinking about many things like heating in the winter, wild animals, power in the camper, and basic security off grid. Thinking deeper about life and keeping up with the Jones’s.

Todays words of wisdom: “There are no problems in life, only challenges”

Today’s episode was recorded back in Feb. before I was off the grid and these shows are being posted quickly to get everyone up to date (5 months ahead with recorded audio). If you want to know more please check out more shows!

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