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October 22nd, 2015 by Off The Grid

As the title for today’s show says it can be hard to find love off the grid. For the last few months I have been seriously occupied almost daily with basically getting things straight out here in the off grid camper that dating was not a concern. Now that the cooler months of fall are here I have found myself yearning to spend quality time with someone special. If you are already living off the grid in any kind of remote area you understand where I’m coming from. If on the other hand you are wanting to live off grid and have not thought about the whole love, dating, and finding someone special please take a moment to think about it because it is a fact of life you will face. Even if your a hermit sooner or later you will feel the call of loneliness and long for someone special to share those wonders of nature with. If on the other hand you are lucky enough to have found your soul mate then consider yourself blessed and please try to appreciate them that much more.

All relationships go through hell, real relationships get through it.

Today’s episode of the podcast may not be much of anything about the physical aspects of day today life out here off the grid but more about one of the key psychological aspects. You can sum it up in a four letter word.. LOVE. It really can be hard to find someone that wants to live this kind of lifestyle because most of the people in mainstream America today are to busy keeping up with the Jones white picket lifestyle. After thinking about it I came up with a short list of pluses and minuses for singles looking to meet each other on vs off the grid. It wasn’t much of an eye opener. Common sense would tell you that the fact that most people want to live with all of the modern conveniences is just easier and more comfortable. Truth be told I honestly believe that most people just don’t like to think. It is certainly a lot easier to simply toss money at a problem rather than use critical thinking skill but that is beside the point. The bottom line is that it has quickly become more apparent that my choice to live out here in my humble camper while taking the path less traveled is a lonely one at present. While it can be relatively easy to access the singles dating pool in the suburbs and cities it can be challenging to get a date out here off the grid.

Relationships are like algebra equations. You ever look at your X and wonder Y?

Looking back at some of my past relationships I have always learned something and it seems like each one faces tests to either strengthen or dissolve your choice to stay together. Fortunately I have been on the grid long enough to experience several “algebra equations” learning something new about each one. For example I have learned that I am pretty good at math when it comes to the dating scene. lol Yes that was a joke! 🙂 Seriously though when your looking to meet someone in today’s modern world one of the best ways is through the internet dating websites. Which leads me to my next point. What about dating websites you ask? The thing is 99% of the dating websites out there were created by and for the 99% of people still stuck in the Matrix so they just don’t get it! lol If you have been following along with the podcast you know about Off Grid Singles by the quick advertisement in the beginning of each show. As an artist and all around creative type I created the dating website in an effort to begin building a community for those of us choosing the off grid lifestyle. Membership is free by the way. 🙂 I won’t turn this into a long drawn out pitch but if you are interested please take a moment to check it out.


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off grid camper driving
August 13th, 2015 by Off The Grid

Today’s episode was recorded back in May on the way out to pickup the off grid camper. Yes today was the day! It was finally time to get the camper out to the land. I had a long day of driving ahead so I figured this would be a good opportunity to reflect on the last few long yet fast months. My journey thus far from an average life in the suburbs to one off the grid in a small camper has been eventful to say the least. I had been recording plenty of podcast episodes, taking pictures, and lots of videos for this documentary I was making about going Off Grid. For what ever reason these first few months of the year have been one of the most unusually busy, ups and downs, surprising, challenging, emotionally charged, shifting, and add a dash of drama kind of “hello this is the universe calling” sort of times. This really has been the year of all years for personal change in my life. Let me take a deep breath.. ok. lol Family, friends, and loved ones all really surprised me in many ways. Some have been extremely supportive of my journey off the grid. Others I was completely wrong about in how they would be there during stressful challenging times. My now ex-girlfriend whom I loved with all my heart broke up with me on Valentines day weekend. Who does that?! Long time friends shocked me the most by showing their true colors (not a good thing.. but for the best in the long run). All of this coupled with the many ups and downs along the way of my journey to living off the grid just after my 40th birthday. Woo hoo! lol

When life gives you stumbling blocks turn them into stepping stones.

Thinking more about the land itself where the camper was going brought up many challenges. One of which was ticks. Aside from a few here and there over the years I had never really had to deal with them but now it was time to face this dilemma head on. Its almost like it was tick season.. if there is such a thing. The ticks are horrible out at the off grid land. Remember this property is set out in the middle of the woods so mother nature is in charge. I did not want to do it but ended up using some insecticide down to try and make the ticks more manageable. It did help a LOT by the way! Counting down the hours when my cousin and I would be driving back with the camper in tow more thoughts came to mind.

The long drive gave me plenty of time to think. With something as deeply personal like a recent breakup turned my thoughts to love. (Its ok I’m over it now 🙂 Remember this episode of Off The Grid Podcast was recorded back in May). Meeting new people, going out on dates, discovering shared interests, and the whole dating world came front and center when I realized I would be single again.. and living off grid for the duration of this documentary. Yup we are all searching for love. After my last breakup I decided to create a dating web site just for those of us that are either wanting to go off grid or are already living off the grid. Did I mention that I am a web designer as well? (Add that bit of knowledge to your trivia side of the brain). lol

I am adding Off Grid Singles as a sponsor for the podcast and also asking for your help to spread the word. Finding your future partner who will be happy living off the grid just got easier! Off Grid Singles is a ground breaking new dating website. This is the first dating site ever just for the off grid community. If your looking for love and realized just like I did how difficult it was on the average dating sites then your not alone. Actually finding someone that wants an off grid lifestyle can be challenging to say the least. The dating web site is for “off grid” singles looking to connect with and find each other. Finding someone that will be happy living off the grid can be hard enough. Have you tried any of the average dating websites lately? When you wake up inside the Matrix and realize that a majority of potential singles are still stuck in a closed mindset it limits our dating pool. There is nothing wrong with the “white picket fence” lifestyle. Chances are that is not what you want.. neither do I. The dating site is brand new. Again this is why I created the dating site so if you like this show please help support our community and check out www.OffGrid.Singles

off grid singles

off grid singles

Show notes from today’s Podcast

  • Please help support this show and the off grid community by checking out Off Grid Singles
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