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October 6th, 2015 by Off The Grid

If you tuned in for Friday’s Off The Grid Podcast I was getting ready for a hurricane. I off grid rocket stovecelebrated the storm by cast iron cooking out on the rocket stove with a new recipe.. Cowboy Pizza!! We were supposed to get 6 – 12 inches of rain along with some strong wind. Keep in mind that all of this was in addition to the 7 straight days of rain that this area just soaked up so the ground was all set for some trees to fall down. Nothing really happened though. As always it best to be prepared and this turned out to be a very good exercise in prepping. Over the last year I really thinned my belongings down a lot and this included food storage as well. Timing for this weekend worked out really well for making good use of the time indoors and out on the rocket stove for viddles! lol 🙂

“Some people feel the rain and others just get wet.”

Friday night I got in really late after picking up a bag of ice for the off grid refrigeratorcowboy pizza jalapenos because I still have no power here in the camper. It was raining.. SCRATCH that.. it was pouring cats and dogs! I did my best but still got soaked by the time I got off grid to the camper. Saturday proved to be pretty mild compared to what the weather man was calling for. Most of the day was spent inside the camper cleaning up, sorting stuff, rearranging, and going through a cool box of food my brother brought out the weekend before (it rained the whole weekend too). Mid afternoon I decided to venture out to the grocery store for cooking out on the rocket stove grill with a new recipe I wanted to try called Cowboy Pizza. I fired up the rocket stove, grabbed a cast iron skillet, and started cast iron coking here off the grid. Yup. I celebrated the storm by having my very own hurricane party all by my self! lol With the smell of wood smoke surfing on the wind I began to relax. I know I mention the rocket stove a lot but I love cooking out on it. When you cook a Cowboy Pizza with a good old cast iron skillet then your truly cast iron cooking! 🙂 Do you have a mouth watering recipy I could try out here on the grill? I would love to try it out here on the Off The Grid Podcast.


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Always be prepared with the ability cook a good meal out on the grill!
  • If you want to try making a Cowboy Pizza for yourself get the recipe on the Cast Iron Cooking page!
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