home made ac cooler
July 27th, 2016 by Off The Grid

Join me today as I talk about some ways to homemade ac cooler 2stay cool when you are living off grid. When you have little to no power the extreme summer heat can be unbearable so stay cool with some of today’s ideas for staying cool. You may or may not have power. Chances are that most of you listening to the podcast do. The next time you walk over to adjust the thermostat for your AC be grateful! I have a couple of solar panels and a gel cell battery that I use for most of my electrical power. If you are out in this insanely hot summer heat you had better be staying hydrated and cool! Summer heathomemade ac unit cooler can be dangerous especially for those with no AC or that are outside a lot. Necessity as they say is the mother of all inventions. Well take a listen to today’s show as I discuss a staying cool towel enduracoolfew ways to stay cool when living off the grid. My homemade AC unit cooler is a nice addition for this one so please sit back and enjoy the show. As always thank you for listening! I really appreciate it! 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: When its dangerously hot outside this summer stay cool and hydrated!
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cool morning off grid camper
October 1st, 2015 by Off The Grid

You know that abrupt cool crisp feeling across your face early in the morning reminding you that cooler weather is on the way? Its usually during the first few days of fall that we really start to get it. Waking up to the fact that the warm days of summer are over and its time to prepare for the cooler weather of winter is refreshing for the most part. For me I also had a mild yet healthy sense of fear. Why you ask? insulating camper wallsWell for one this whole living off grid thing in a camper out in the woods is a completely new experience for me. Two I am well aware of the fact that I am not ready for winter. In all honesty I may not even be ready for fall but we will let that go for now because for the most part fall is a refreshingly mild time of year temperature wise. Waking up these last few mornings was a very strong reminder that winter here off grid is on the way so I needed to get prepared!

I have been working on the off grid camper repairing everything inside and out. First up on the repair and weatherizing list was to replace the camper roof so that any repairs done inside would stay dry. Second major thing on the list was to replace and fix the camper floor. Next up for winterizing my off grid camper was to add insulating camper walls 2another layer of insulation along with a new wall. Right along with the second insulated camper wall is my new bed area. Yes I built a new bed area. Its toward the front because I like all the windows with all of the sunlight and being able to look out at all the stars at night. As to weather or not the additional 1 1/2 inch wall will make much of a difference insulating the off grid camper from the freezing cold wind of winter is yet to be seen.

I have several other projects I look forward to making now that the weather has cooled down. Until now it has been just to hot here off the grid because I don’t have AC. One is a tea candle heater built from clay garden pots. Another is basically a box build from recycled materials used to heat by the sun even when its crazy cold outside. If anybody knows of some good ways to heat a camper or an environmentally friendly way to heat off grid in the winter please post here in today’s Off Grid Podcast show notes. Do you know of a good way to heat? Yup I am always open to ideas you guys have. Anyone?


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: When you wake up to the fact that winter is on the way its time to get prepared!
  • If you want to try making your own Power Pancake check out the recipe on the Cast Iron Cookin page.
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