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January 22nd, 2016 by Off The Grid

Unless you have been under a rock hibernating this winter you know that the cooler frigid temps this week seem to be a precursor to the upcoming snow storm headed up the east coast. Here in Virginia we are looking at a good bit of the snowy flakes from above to accumulate in this next week. For now I will leave that one alone and get into some of your questions, comments, cool off grid links, and feedback you ave emailed in for the show. Thursday has come once again along with listener emails and that means I get to share some of whats on your mind here on the Off The Grid Podcast. Tom (also known as Chilly Dog) from California emailed in with some really cool info and a link about building log cabins. The Log Home Builder Association web site has a ton of really great info and they also offer classes or seminars on building log homes from scratch vs putting together a log cabin kit. As you may or may not know for a while I was watching all of the videos I could find about safely cutting trees, fallowing the bark off, and building log cabins. In the end I would like to incorporate some of my long term building plans to include a partial earth sheltered structure with logs. The site has a lot of incredibly useful tips about getting started, finding the right tools, saving money along the way,  and is a great educational resource if you are looking to build a log cabin from scratch. It is a non-profit  You can find a link to the log cabin building site below in today’s Off The Grid Podcast episode show notes. Jill from Chicago emailed in again with some helpful hints on getting organized. She sent in this last time in response to some recent podcast episodes where I mentioned that I was wanting to clean up in and around the off grid camper. Once again when it comes to de-cluttering and getting rid of stuff rather than wasting potentially years of mental energy hanging onto items just makes for good common sense. Thank you again for sharing some cool and useful ideas!

One more quick note and observation I wanted to share with you was that extra self care is needed when you push yourself and are burning more calories than normal. With temperatures being the coldest yet I found myself not feeling so well because I have not been eating enough food. After a search online I learned that the human body burns on average 210 calories in about 30 min when shoveling snow. Everyone knows that when you get cold you start to shiver. When shivering your body is doing what it can to heat back up quickly. As it turns out your body burns 100 calories in 15 min when shivering. If you have seen any good pictures of me on the site from time to time you know that I am slim.. so this means that I don’t have a lot of calories stored! lol Once again I would like to apologize for some of the technical issues for last episode and.. this episode now.


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: When you are being more active & trying to stay warm during cold winter days make sure to boost your caloric intake.
  • Here is that like to the Log Home Builders Association that Tom emailed in.
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