bottling some chocolate peanut butter beer
October 13th, 2015 by Off The Grid

The Off Grid Brew is now bottled! After 3 weeks of brewing this very special batch of chocolate peanut butter beer it was time to bottle this rare delicacy dubbed my strange brew. If you are a regular listener of the podcast you know that most of the beer brewing process was covered in the last episode for the most part. Last weeks show Episode 60: Brewing Chocolate Peanut Butter Beer Off Grid on the Rocket Stove! can be heard by clicking on the link. Today’s show is all about bottling this very special October treat!bottling chocolate peanut butter beer

The weather was beautiful out here off the grid on Saturday making for a very pleasant day to bottle the chocolate peanut butter beer. As I woke up the sun was bathing the camper while the gentle song of crickets and birds said it was time to get up! This was a day I had been looking forward to for the last few weeks. This strange off grid brew had been brewing in my closet shielded from the sun and it was now time to bring everything outside to bottle it. I started by firing up the rocket stove making breakfast. Multitasking was a big part of the day’s agenda because there was a lot to do in order to get the chocolate peanut butter beer bottled. Between making breakfast, getting the coals going on the rocket stove, sterilizing the bottles, setting up a work area, and moving the camera to record a LOT of video for the new YouTube channel it was a busy day!bottling some chocolate peanut butter beer

If you have been listening to the podcast you know that I have been catching the episodes up to get them current as opposed to months behind like in the beginning. With the hurried excitement from the hurricane along with 2 shows posted same day I made a mistake in posting the Off Grid Podcast episodes out of order. So if your wondering why today’s podcast episode about bottling the off grid chocolate peanut butter beer is being posted RIGHT after the very last brewing episode that is why. Yup.. with the recording and excitement from bottling the Off Grid brew it seems as though we are all caught up! The bottles of chocolate peanut butter beer will still need a few weeks to become carbonated but for now I can finally take a deep breath and relax knowing with the completion of today’s episode of Off The Grid podcast the show is current. Ironically it would have been nice to celebrate the moment with a nice bottle of my off grid brew but hey there is always next time! lol Do you have any tips or pointers to share about brewing beer or wine? If so please help me out because although I have been a home brewer for a few years now I am smart enough to know that I am still a beginner. lol Also I am still searching for a name for this strange off the grid brew. What would you call it? Can you help me name this special Chocolate Peanut Butter Beer? If you have a good name please share by posting below here in today’ comment section. Many times the skills you learn will not only improve your quality of life but also develop you as a person in by simply exercising your brain to think. Until next time you guys stay safe and consider trying or learning something new.


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Making quality “anything” takes a lot of time and effort but it is always well worth it.
  • Do you have a good name for my Off Grid Brew? I need your help coming up with a cool name for the beer!
  • The article about the experiments done on Thoughts and Water.
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