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November 24th, 2015 by Off The Grid

If you have ever had to go without heat for any length of time during winter or an icy cold spell then you can identify with what I was facing this last weekend. With Thanksgiving fast approaching and the colder months now upon us life here in the off grid camper just got a bit colder. I have been making slow progress with installing the pot belly stove. Saturday was really nice outside but they were calling for the temps to plummet down into the 20s on Sunday so I was getting concerned about having no heat yet. On Saturday I went head on taking the cabinets out of the kitchen making room for my wood stove in the off grid camper. With a new space cleared for the pot belly stove I hit the road in search of the vent pipe and needed attachments for the installation. Surprisingly the big box stores did not have what I needed. While I was in the area I visited some friends and picked up some free ceramic tiles so it was still a good trip. I spent the rest of the day and night insulating several key trouble spots on the camper’s exterior that were drafty. With my LED headlamp on I was diligently working until just after 2AM considering a backup plan just in case I could not get the wood stove in on Sunday.

Sunday morning I woke to a stark drop in temperatures, the scattered patter sound of cold rain drops dancing across the ceiling above, and the shifting winds curling the tarp off the roof. Waking up to a day like that was not one I was looking forward to because the icy cold rain made most of the day a bit uncomfortable knowing I had no heat inside the camper. After calling around and realizing my hopes of enjoying a nice warm night next to the wood stove this weekend inside the camper were fading i went to plan “B”. It was time to get serious about buying a heater for the camper. Thanks to some of you guys I decided to get a Mr. Heater Buddy 4,000 – 9,000 BTUs because of its reputation and safety features. The Buddy Propane Heaters have (2) key selling points for safety features.. 1. They have an automatic cutoff if the heater tips over and 2. they also have a low oxygen cutoff built in as well. If you know anything about heating small spaces carbon monoxide poisoning is one main thing to keep in mind. They say CO2 can be the silent killer because you can not smell it. So needless to say when I figured out that I the wood stove was not going to be a go this weekend I went with plan B and bought on of these little propane heaters. It really made my night as sat in front of the warm glowing Buddy Heater reflecting back at the weekend’s challenging moments. So the next time you find yourself face to face with what ever difficult times life has in store try to make sure you are prepared with a backup plan “B”.

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  • Today’s lesson: Always have a plan “B” Life’s more challenging seasons and times can be tough.
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