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November 19th, 2015 by Off The Grid

This past week a theme seems to be reoccurring in my daily life about making the best use of time. With winter fast approaching and this being my first year off grid in the camper I am quickly realizing that I am just not ready! Hello once again and welcome to another time saving episode of Off The Grid Podcast.. well um kind of. OK so let me explain the premise for today’s show. The last few days at work have been challenging to say the least due to a last minute rush on someone else part trickling over into my life causing undue stress and food for though about the whole “use of time” thing. At least it gave me a hard but long overdue reminder in a lesson I had forgot long ago.. but that is a story for another time. Combine that with a few other moments still lingering from this past weekends lesson of collecting firewood and you have what in my mind is the universe trying its best to tell me something. It is time to kick things in gear and be the Ant not the Grasshopper!

Hopefully most of you are familiar with the old story of the Ant and the Grasshopper so I won’t waste our time explaining that one. 🙂 Last night after getting in late I put my trusty LED headlamp on and set to work getting everything outside of the camper ready for the following days forested rain. Putting my dusty brown work gloves on is always a sign that work was about to begin here off grid in and or around the camper. Grabbing two ten poles I had a large tarp up across the roof and was at ease knowing that at least some of the minor leaks would be avoided this time. Next item up for business was to straighten up a little around the camper in order to make space to get a few things out of the path of next day’s rain. With several trips the recent items from my lost and found box of camping items from springtime were once full again. The large black storage tote was emptied so that everything could dry out. It was ironic that everything was going back into the tote to keep dry. lol Sure enough it is now the next day and it has been raining all day long! I woke to the sound of rain drops across the roof so making good use of time the night before was well worth it. If you have not already listened to the episode for today’s Off The Grid Podcast I was running late this morning so time was on my mind again. So if this show was a little short that was why. Next time will be better and more thought out you guys. Until then stay safe, try to use your time wisely, and have a good one!


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Time is one thing you can never get back so use your time wisely! 🙂
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