Episode 40: Switching up breakfast cast iron cooking a POWER Pancake!

cast iron cooking power pancake

Cooking with cast iron off the grid is always a great way to start the day and this morning was no different with a new recipe called a Power Pancake! This morning I ran out of bread so breakfast was getting switched up from french toast to a hearty Power Pancake made with granola and eggs! Normally I love a good breakfast to start the day with french toast but since I kept forgetting to buy some bread I decided to try a new recipe. If you are a fan of cast iron cooking this may already be part of your daily routine but for the rest of you cooking with an cast iron cooking power pancake 2old cast iron skillet can be a treat anytime. 🙂 I like to add a particular special set of spices to my french toast including cinnamon and nutmeg which is amazing by the way! I use coconut oil instead of butter anytime I am using my cast iron because not only is it healthier but it also good for high temperature cooking (up to 425 degrees). This morning breakfast was getting flipped up for my new creation the Power Pancake and the flavor profile for this combination is phenomenal! The Power Pancake looks like an oatmeal pancake. lol If you would like to give this cast iron cooking breakfast meal a try you can check out the full recipe on the Cast Iron Cooking page. Each morning off the grid is always a special one and the simple pleasures of cooking with a good old cast iron skillet for breakfast can really make your day!

Also mentioned in this mornings podcast I was looking forward to the weekend because my cousin was coming out to help work on the off grid camper. Today’s episode was recorded back in late July 2015. Shows are being posted fast to get you guys and gals up to date! 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: The simple enjoyment from cooking breakfast in a cast iron skillet can make your day! 🙂
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