Episode 92: Setting Goals for February 2016 around the Off Grid Camper

setting goals off grid

After looking around the off grid camper for the last month I have slowly realized that I need to set some goals for February. If you are like me trying to stay on track can be difficult. Setting goals for yourself and following a few basic steps can help you stay on track even if a task or challenge seems overwhelming. Here is a quick list of my own to do list for this month:

  1. Prepare the garden!
  2. Clean, sort, & organize both inside & outside the off grid camper
  3. Dismantle the solar project & organize parts for something else
  4. Get back into a fitness routine
  5. Stop staying up so late & start getting up early
  6. Build a bonfire & enjoy a quiet night to myself under the stars

Everybody has things they need to get done. Looking back at my efforts I realized that part of the challenge I seem to fall through on time and time again is related to completion of whatever it is. I have listened to a number of goal setting podcasts, read various articles, and again tried different things over time. Two things that seems to hold everything together so we can complete our goals seems to be to 1. Wright your goal(s) down (which can be very simple yet oddly difficult) and 2. Share your goal(s) with a friend or family member that can in a way hold you accountable. For the second one I am not talking about just telling someone that you are going to do something or that you want to do something.. its more along the lines of telling them you are serous about getting “it” done and even asking them to ask you about your goal once in a while. It holds you accountable! 🙂 If you want a sneak peak ahead at the happenings out here for the Off Grid Podcast then I will be setting goals for each month this year. Keep an ear out for the episodes posted at the beginning of each month for whats up next! Thank you for listening! 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Setting goals is not enough. Wright them down, stay on it, & possibly even share your goal(s) with a friend until they get done!
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