Episode 63: ROAD TRIP!! A cold Fun Family Fall Festival weekend in Pennsylvania!

This weekend I took a mini vacation from the off grid living lifestyle while visitingwood bear carving statue some family up north in Pennsylvania. With all the family, fun, flea markets, and cool fall festival weather this weekend it was like warm chicken soup for the soul on a cold winter’s day. After half a days drive from VA to PA it was great to see family again just in time for a super fun fall festival weekend of cooler weather, great food, and hunting for deals at the local flea markets.I arrived very late Thursday night and woke to the warm greeting of “good morning!” from family I had not seen in a good while. The weekend was off to a great start with an art show, breakfast, and then hunting for deals at the flea markets. I had been keeping an eye on the weather with an app on my phone so I knew it was going to be colder but the unexpected snow flurries on Sunday were a treat! Yes I love the snow!

If you are a regular listener to Off The Grid Podcast you know that two opposing sides of the consumerism vs anti-consumerism mindset come into play when considering any new purchase for the camper. Indoor space is at a premium in the off grid camper so everything is thoroughly considered before buying. Over the last few years I have downsized a majority of my “stuff” in preparation to moving off grid in the camper. It might be best described as something like living in a tiny house. You must be efficient with everything you store and choose to keep. Yes there were a lot of really good deals to be found around almost every corner, table, street, and building. Indoors.. outdoors.. on a table.. on the ground.. everything new and old it was out there if you stopped long enough to look at what you found.

“Be careful of the price you pay or you will pay the price”

I found a number of practical tools and useful items over the weekend. The highlight old egw survival knifeof my flea market finds was a very old survival knife. The guy I bought it from said it was made in the late 1800s but I should have known better and questioned the knife’s age more. It is very old, very cool, and I am happy with my purchase but I should have done a little research on my phone before buying. There is a stamp on the side of the blade “EGW KNIFE”. After searching for a while later I could not find this particular EGW survival knife. Which leads me to the question at hand. If your into survival knifes or old WWI or WWII military collectibles and know anything about this blade please help me out. Do you know anything about this EGW KNIFE? All of the survival knifes that came up in search were similar but not like this. Is this really a late 1800s survival knife? It has a good bit of wear on it and you can tell it has been used a lot. The leather handle has been replaced with what looks like twine. I sharpened the edge of the blade as well as the saw tooth top edge of the knife. The guy I bought it from said the butt end of the knife fit onto a rifle but there is no attachment like most I have seen.. only a round kind of chain link? There is always something new to learn and I am intrigued by this little piece of history. Can anyone help me out with more info?

Sunday I ventured out on my own in search for last minute deals just before hitting corn fieldthe road to head home. Stepping out of the car I was greeted by the soft cold touch of ice cold snow flakes on my face and an unrelenting winter wind. After thoroughly enjoying three days of running water, hot showers, and the modern convinces of central heating and air I returned to a very cold wake up call with the weather back here in Va. It dipped down to the mid 30s and when your trying to stay warm in a camper off the grid with no heat its rough. I did just recently get a small cast iron pot belly stove but I have not been able to put it in yet. For the last two nights I have been heating low tech style with tea light candles. While its not the best thing to use it is a very affordable option when its about the only option you have to heat. The morning brought the warmth of a new day with sunshine and the sound of birds filled the air as they engulfed the tree tops. Hearing the mass migration of the little birds above was that much more of a reminder that winter will soon be knocking at our door. I need to double my efforts and get ready for winter now because frigid temperatures are on the way! Remember its not what you have its what you know. This weekend was like a reality real life preview of winter to come. Until next time stay warm, stay safe, and get ready for winter because I have a felling its going to be a messy cold one.


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  • Today’s lesson: Winter will be here before you know it so get prepared and get ready NOW!!!
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