Episode 81: Reindeer Poop Cookies, Walking Sticks, & Christmas OH MY!!

carved walking stick

Today’s episode of Off The Grid Podcast is not so much about anything suchcarved walking stick as little solar projects but more along the lines of this busy time of ear we call Christmas! It seems like from time to time we all go through phases of over indulgence and this last week has certainly been a good description for mine. I went out to a friends house over the weekend and lucked out by going home with a big bag filled with some rejected Christmas cookies! My friend’s mom was making a LOT of Xmas cookies but several batches came out looking more like Reindeer poop! We all got a good laugh out of the fact that the dough strangely flattened out to something between that of a cookie and a potato chip. After sampling a few I tried convincing the frustrated cook that they were really very good and the kids would love them! Unfortunately my friend’s mom wanted a cookie that looked more like a traditional store bought cookie. I suggested giving them a clever name like “Reindeer Sliders” or Christmas Bark” but as I mentioned I happily went home with a big bag of Reindeer Poop Cookies!!! lol 🙂

Next up with this recent over indulgence seems to be a exploring a re-found interest in carvingcarved walking stick top am making custom walking sticks / canes. Yesterday was off to a great start as I took a walk in the earlier part of the day out into the woods with my bow saw in hand. Venturing off the path out here off the grid I quickly found a cool tree that turned out to be great for (2) walking sticks and a Harry Potter style kids wand! lol If your wondering where I am going with this stick with me for a minute. Later that day (last night) after a long day of work I found myself with some energy not yet ready to go to bed. So as I stepped outside to enjoy the peaceful and unusually warm winter night air I decided to carve a little on one of the two walking sticks I found earlier. Hours later with the haze of much needed sleep setting in and my stomach beginning to growl I called it a nigh with the completion of my newly carved walking stick. I am seriously thinking about offering these “Off Grid” canes and walking sticks sometime in the future for sale online to help with the podcast. 🙂 As an artist I have explored many mediums over the decades. Being out here off the grid with the golden opportunity of a lifetime with access to these incredibly unique canes is one that I can’t pass up. Crafting canes like these working with both positive and negative space is a new challenge and at the same time very rewarding. They have so much character! 🙂 Don’t you think so? If you missed it check out last episode of the Off The Grid Podcast where I talked more about these canes in keeping an eye out for opportunities that are around you in your environment. As always if you have something to share please feel free to post here for today’s show or you can also send me an email with your thoughts, questions, and cool off grid related ideas.


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Its OK once in a while when you find yourself over indulging but be mindful of getting back on track.
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