Episode 126: Reflecting Back on Off Grid Living While on a Drive

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If you have been a long time listener to the Off The Grid Podcast in the last year you know a lot has happened out here in and around the camper. Right about this time last year my journey from the suburbs to a life outside the “normal” average American experience took a detour into the unknown. I had spent a good amount of time, energy, and money getting ready for living closer to nature in an off grid camper. Most people are already familiar with the term but in case you were wondering what it means to live off grid here is my definition. It is choosing to live without “grid tied” utilities.. as in now power or water. Yes I have solar panels for electricity (although they are not 100 percent because I need new deep cycle batteries). Yes I do have running water but it is not in the traditional sense you think of in the average household. What has this lifestyle taught me over the last year? In modern society we have it easy. I would even venture to say it makes us all soft.bean seedlings sprouts

In the last few months as summer was fast approaching I found myself looking back on everything I have been through in the last year. All of the challenges both physically and mentally. The human condition / experience is an amazing experience if you are brave enough to live fearlessly. Now with that being said I don’t mean being stupid! As I quickly found out if you do not have your common sense about you at all times your environment can turn deadly before you know it. Another angle to this recent reflection is that the lesson of history seems to in small ways laced or intertwined into our daily lives. As I’m sure you have heard “if you are not a student of history….”. Anyway these are some of my reflective thoughts for the day. Hopefully you are enjoying the podcast! I am constantly reminding myself at just how grateful I am to be able to experience living off grid out here in the camper among all of the sometimes strange and wonderful woodland creatures! lol


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Try to learn as much as you can from history. It repeats itself!
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