Episode 38: Recording an evening podcast Off Grid in the Camper

old camper fridge

Most of the time when recording podcast episodes for Off The Grid I’m busy and that usually means not doing the shows during the day. When I got the camper I knew it was going to be a lot of work. I was optimistic as to how quickly I could get the off grid camper up to par and did not take into account the fact that by nature estimating time needed per project was not a strong point of mine.  Fortunately now that I made the transition to living off the grid I did have several more workable hours in the day. It was only a short month or so earlier that I had minimum 2 hours drive time wasted before I could work on the camper. Then factor in the danger of high summer temperatures and humidity and that mean even fewer hours could be devoted to progress of repairing the camper.

“Be careful of the price you pay or you will pay the price”

remove old fridgeFast forward to today’s episode I am dealing with power issues. I had a small set of solar panels a few years ago and learned all that I could from them. Now that I have upgraded to 2 decent 85 watt solar panels I was trying to figure out why I was not able to power my small refrigerator 24/7 like a regular grid tied fridge. I had not taken the time to calculate the power (watts & amp hours) needed to power my new little dorm sized refrigerator. The other issue was the fact that I was only storing enough power to max out 2 deep cycle batteries.

On the plus side I found a couple of good deals at the flea markets over the weekend. I found a small dorm sized refrigerator.. soon to be my new off grid fridge! I also found a small generator. The generator was a small gamble but at $50 more than likely a carburetor replacement small fridge camperwould be a reasonable fix for a working backup source of power. I also found a cool vent cover measuring about 1.5 foot by 1.5 foot. The vent will definitely come in handy when I get to building my battery bank vent box. Another good deal was a solid genuine leather belt for a dollar. A few other odds and ends made for some saving money at the flea market for my of grid projects!

This whole going off grid thing has proven to be a really good learning experience on almost a daily basis. As you can tell from each show! lol What have you learned in your path in life? Can you share anything with people checking out this post? Please share something we can all learn from! As always thank you for listening and if you like the podcast please hare with your friends or post a link on Facebook! Today’s episode of Off The Grid was recorded back on July 21. Shows are being posted 5 days a week to get caught up to “today”. 😉

Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Its always good to have a backup. Get prepared..”two is one, one is none”!
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