Episode 16: Putting new tires on the Off Grid camper

On the road again bright and early with four tires in the back of my car heading out to put them on the soon to be off grid camper. Yes it was quite a sight to see my little Geo Metro going down the road with 4 large tires in the back seat. I was a little groggy from waking up so early but the fact that my cousin and I were heading out to put new tires on the camper made it well worth it! This meant it would be one step closer to being road ready. I was so looking forward to living off the grid in the little camper! I only had one concern which we were soon to find out about.. many people told me that because the camper was over 30 years old and had been sitting in place for well over 10 years the bolts might be rusted. YIKES! Time would soon tell.

Today’s Off The Grid documentary podcast was recorded back in March. These episodes are being posted daily to get you guys up to date for shows being recorded and made now (end of July).

August 2nd, 2015 by