Episode 22: Pushing too hard moving Off Grid I got a cold

Welcome to another exciting episode.. well not really. I had a cold and my energy was low driving back on late to night to a friends house. So if my voice sounds a little off thats why. If you remember my cousin and I were out at my uncle’s about a week ago. Today I was back at it helping my uncle jack up the camper and clearing brush around the camper. We got the camper moved around so it is now ready to go! Woo Hoo!!! I also got some video of the off grid camper. (the video has not been posted yet – will edit here when it is up) After packing and moving my possessions were essentially organized chaos and my stuff was now out of my old roommates house.

Along with the long days, long drives, packing, and moving everything was going full steam but my body needed more down time. Ultimately I pushed things too far and my body made it a point to tell me to slow down by kicking out a common cold before the cold weather went away in place of spring. Normally I prefer to try and use only homeopathic natural remedies but this one was really kicking my butt! Yes making homemade cough syrup and thought lozenges are really not that hard. (will make some for future episodes of the Off Grid Podcast)

The mic was hanging down around the rear view mirror on the drive to my friends house as I looked forward to a good nights sleep. Yes you can get a good nights sleep on a couch when you are that worn down and exhausted! If you have been keeping up with the ups and downs on my journey to off the grid you know that I was crashing on a friends couch. It was not ideal but it was temporary and when they say that is key.

If you waste your time looking at the past you will not be able to focus on your future.

Spoiler alert!!.. the future is here! The future is now because these episodes are being posted documenting my journey along the way. Today’s Off The Grid Podcast episode was recorded March 24, 2015. I am now enjoying all that nature has to offer off grid in the camper. 🙂 Thanks again for listening!

Show notes for today’s Podcast

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