Episode 69: Productive weekend & Kind of feeling BLAH!

solar heating project

Welcome everybody to another episode of Off The Grid where it was a good productive weekend out here but on the flip side I have been feeling a little BLAH! The weather has been back and forth out here with the eternal battle up in the heavens between the courageous sun and unrelenting fall clouds. Despite the sometimes torrential downpours I managed to get a lot done out here off grid on the new solar heater project. Late Friday night (until about 1:30AM) I was outside with my LED headlamp on fastening and securing a huge tarp to the front of the camper. Preparing for the chance that if the weather man was right about the rain I could still get some work done outside on the two most productive days of the week out here. Sure enough it rained off and on for half of the weekend. The tarp is big enough that I was able to comfortably work outside on the solar heating project without getting drenched, made room for a makeshift kitchen next to the rocket stove, and collected about 8 gallons of rainwater. In between the bouts of liquid sunshine I worked my way in and out of the off grid camper which made for a great weekend outdoors.

Another highlight to my rainy weekend was taking a mini adventure through the 6 foot tall overgrown brush with a machete. The exorcise turned out to be one of the best things this weekend because for the last week or so I have been feeling just plain BLAH! Not sick or anything just kind of sluggish, tired, and to be honest a little eh. After talking with a couple friends over the last few days it seems like a lot of people have been feeling this way. One theory is the recent setting of the clocks for fall. On Friday it was best put like this.. “It still feels like 5 o’clock”! Another factor is sleep or more importantly the lack of it. Not getting enough sleep will through your brain for a loop. Another obvious one.. the weather which we already discussed. One other thing that came to mind after I recorded today’s episode of the Off The Grid Podcast was the fact that I the camper is still a major work in progress! I mean think about it. While I did choose this and still would not trade it for anything the fact that the off grid camper is indeed a construction project can be daunting sometimes. If you remember back to the early episodes of the podcast I had it extremely rough compared to now so I guess I just need to focus on gratitude. I need to remind myself of where I have been, the current state of everything as is, and how it will be once I get things the way I would like.. by this I am referring to the camper. Looking back at how far you have come when you take a moment in the present reminds you to stay focused on your goal(s) for the future. Its funny because I keep envisioning how it will be freezing cold outside this winter while inside it will be warm and toasty by the wood stove.. taking a few deep breaths because most of the projects inside the camper are done and it looks/feels more like a tiny home. lol Well I guess that pretty much it then. I need to exorcise more and focus on the future completion of easily manageable projects.


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Exorcise more and break down long term projects with a focus on future success of goals!
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