Off The Grid Podcast Epi 3: Thinking about cold weather

Anytime your experiencing the cold weather first hand it reminds you that winter is no joke! Walking in the ice and snow with a 20 degree wind running across my face I head to pickup some lunch. The weather people are calling for more snow.. great! If I were living off the grid when this episode was recorded then things would be rough! You need to be prepared for winter. Thinking more about the coming months until spring time and all of the cold weather off the grid in the camper.

Today’s Off The Grid podcast was recorded back in February 2015 with 10 days counting down until I was set to move. The move to off grid was a momentous one to say the least. I am now off grid and posting these podcast episodes up each week to get everyone caught up with current weekly shows.

July 19th, 2015 by