Off The Grid Podcast Epi 2: Thinking about transition & changes ahead

With the move off the grid my mind was focused on the transition and changes ahead. Join me today as I ride down the road while the snow really starts to come down sharing thoughts on changes going forward. Thinking about all of the changes from every day life going from living in the suburbs to off the grid in¬† a camper can be overwhelming. Today’s show comes to you live from my car as I head to the store in the snow.¬†Heading to the grocery store my modest little car makes some noise but gets awesome gas millage for this area snow shuts down everything everywhere! Its not that common here in Virginia. Anytime you go from systems of support to living off grid its a bit of a change. Living in the suburbs you simply flip a switch for light, turn a knob for heat, and pull a handle to flush a toilet. Living off the grid is a little different to say the least.

The microphone hangs around the rear view mirror while I share some minor drama and yup you guessed it.. Change! I found out the day after valentines day that the reason my now ex-girlfriend procrastinated about getting together for Valentines was because she wanted to break up. Happy Valentines day! lol Which leads to reiterating the fact that this is a time of transition and a lot of change in my life heading off the grid. This is a major transition from living in the comforts of a nice warm home to an off grid camper. Yes its a short ride down the ride down the road and it all comes down to the reminder to stay flexible. Going off the grid requires a willingness to asses your current status in life as well as your relationship with people in your life because change is a constant. The ability to strengthen your mental muscles and willingness to adapt will be a strong skill in times like this. Transitioning to living out in nature means I was in for a LOT of change!


Today’s Off The Grid Podcast episode was recorded February 2015

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