Off The Grid Podcast Epi 1: Documenting my journey Off Grid

off the grid podcast

What is off grid living like? How do you live off the grid? What do you do about power and water? The questions are endless and my journey has just begun. Like any new project the thoughts of “where do I start” begin to make their way thru my mind as I do my best to think of EVERYTHING that is “off grid”. This is NOT a small task! Sometimes it is best just to begin and work the details out later while your engrossed in the process because life never stops. You learn hard lessons fast!

At the start of a journey your desire is greater than your talent and sometimes the time is just so your talent can catch up.

While going off grid is not exactly talent based it is heavily knowledge and skill based. By that I mean when you step out of the overly protected encyclopedia sized volumes of rules, regulations, and idiotic nuances made up by elected officials to protect ourselves from um.. ourselves then you actually realize that everything on this earth is alive. Nature will quickly wake you up to the fact that you are alive and you must learn fast, adapt quickly, and acquire new skills to survive. Every day off the grid you are alive! If your using your brain then you want to not only survive but thrive. I started watching all the off grid and survival videos I could find. I listened to as many survival podcast shows that seemed to be level headed (there are plenty of “out there” shows out there lol). I read all the off the grid related books, catalogs, and websites. All of this research over the last several years coupled with slow integration of things like gardening, canning, solar panel projects, and other cool stuff into my suburban life helped me to get prepared for life off grid. The knowledge and skills learned from my successes along with failures taught me many things. A major gem of wisdom was the saying for this podcast…

Life is in session. Are you present?

I started all of this in some ways years ago by following my interests and hobbies. Fast forward to a couple of years ago my mom passed away. After abruptly being faced with the fact that both of your parents are no longer on the earth make you think about your life.. A LOT! So I made a goal to be off grid by the time I was 40. Fast forward to 5 months ago just before my fortieth birthday life pushed back and all the pieces started to fall into place. Fast forward to now.. The first episode of this off the grid documentary podcast about “going off grid” is now up. If you like this kind of thing then I strongly invite you to join me on my journey. I have 5 months of incredible ups and downs both personal and otherwise to share. I started recording podcast episodes, off grid videos, and documenting my journey from the safety of the suburbs to off the grid in a camper. Life has just begun. Adventure has begun. If you a student of the universe then life is now in session. Are you paying attention?

Its not what you have. Its what you know

I don’t exactly know where this off grid journey will take me but for now it starts out in a modest little fixer upper of a camper in the middle of the woods. Anytime you take on a path and direction that is life altering you are in for great change. You will learn a lot! The people in your life may surprise you. You will grow as a person and you will be humbled at times. If you open your heart, your mind, and your eyes you will see things in nature that life will only show to those with the courage to step off grid. It can be scary at times. Nature is incredibly beautiful filled with lessons with every step you take. This journey off the grid is like stepping out of the living room lightening fast right into a reality TV show where YOU are now experiencing everything as opposed to simply watching it. For the first time everything is goosebumps skin tingling, fresh crisp air, sharp new sounds,  and everything is actually real! The ultimate safety of suburbia is now gone. The tables have turned and you are now a visitor in nature’s raw environment with animals, insects, reptiles, and all that mother nature has with the seasons. If any of this interests you then I hope you will join me. This is the boldest thing I have done in a long time and arguably quite possibly THE boldest thing. Thank you for taking the time to listen and read. If you like this please share it with friends, post a link on Facebook, or post a question here for this episode. I would love to hear your feedback and answer any of your questions. We learn something new every day! 🙂

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