Off Grid Living

Here are some of the best ways I have found for making a better life living off the grid. Hopefully these tips will will help you if you are wanting to do a little off grid living yourself. Most of this are things that I have personally tried and continue to learn from. Have you ever heard “you can learn a lot from a dummy”? You can learn even more from someone with the forethought to document the learning process. Take a critical look at these ideas and think for yourself how things could possibly be improved.

It is my hope that you whoever you are reading this right now can learn from some of the off the grid projects and tips described here. As I learn more about being off the grid along with all of the ups and downs that go with this valuable life experience I will continue to share the info here with you. Remember “its not what you have its what you know” and that can make a huge difference in just how productive you are.. not to mention what you learn 😉  This page will constantly be evolving as I learn new things about going off grid and living a more sustainable life.

Off The Grid Living Tips

Before moving off the grid stop and think with your critical thinking cap on! Before you make the move off grid in whatever form that means to you plan ahead, learn all you can, overhaul & sort your “stuff”, set goals, set goals, come up with an action plan, stop procrastinating, learn to adapt, and make the move.

  1. Plan ahead ~ Make a plan and try to think about everything you will need to do, find, get rid of, address, and otherwise think about before moving off grid.
  2. Learn all you can ~ Learn everything you can about where you are going and what to expect. If your like me the shift from suburbia to “off the grid” can be both an awesome place to be and scary as crap at the same time! So start to listen to off grid podcasts, read books, watch videos, do little projects around the house, seek out info, and talk to people about what your life will be like. Will you have power? How many solar panels will be needed? How much water do you need per day per person? How do I get and store water? Do you want a garden? What are some of the things you need to consider that you might not even be thinking about right now?
  3. Overhaul & Sort Your Stuff ~ Begin sorting early! Start by setting a goal to have a yard sale, setup at a flea market, sell online, or giving stuff to a local charity. You would be amazed at just how much JUNK we all collect (accumulate) over the years. Try putting a box in every room of the house then add one thing every day until you are really set on the items you use. You can go extreme like minimalists or light by simply dong a major spring cleaning. Keep in mind that everything you let go of you will not have to move and if sold means more money for your new life off the grid!
  4. Patience will be needed ~ The happy gardener understands that in order to have a bountiful harvest a lot of hard work and patience must be cultivated. What ever stage or step your at in following your desire to go off the grid patience is often being tested because the current living environment can be hard to ignore. Just know that if you really want to go off grid you will get there. Never loose site of your dreams but keep patience at your side to keep your goals strong in sight.
  5. Stay cool or you could die! ~ I recently had a serious reality check working in the heat that ended up on the floor of a convenience store with 5 EMTs treating me for heat exhaustion. (true story – upcoming podcast episode) I was drinking plenty of water but my temp and electrolytes were all out of whack. Never forget that you can check out at any time so STAY COOL! You could die working on your off grid project before you can enjoy your new home! When your body says your not feeling well, then better, then ehh, then better.. just stop and get out of the summer heat for a while or let me say it one more time.. you could die!
  6. Critical thinking is “critical” ~ There is a saying that most of us have heard.. “the strong survive”. Well when you are living off the grid if your brain is not engaged its going to cost you. Critical thinking skills means using your brain to solve problems and figure things out. This could be as simple as figuring out the best way to use construction materials to protecting yourself from the elements. It can cost you a lot of money or worst case it can cost you your life. So please exorcise common sense if your planning to live off grid.


Helpful and practical tips for cooking off grid. You have to eat so it would be wise to learn how to cook off the grid and make so good food!

  1. Be efficient when your cooking with wood ~ Most cooking done out in the wild is done with wood you gather so learn the most efficient ways to cook like using a rocket stove. (I have an Eco Zoom and LOVE it!) Rocket stoves are super efficient and you can use twigs, small branches, pine cones, and other small brush.





June 5th, 2015 by Off The Grid