Episode 45: NEW Floor down in the Off Grid Camper.. YES!!

new camper flooring

Once again I am so excited here in the camper because the new floor is now down! Working off the grid here in the camper has its challenges and putting the new floor in was a great learning experience. Now that I actually have something solid to walk on it makes everyday life her off grid that much better. I had been searching high and low, near and far, as well as online for new flooring. Most of what I new flooringhad seen was between $1 – $4 per square foot. Yes the camper is fairly small but when you start adding up not only this project but every other off grid project that needs to be done by winter it can get expensive. So I set my price range at about $1 per square foot. I was about to head to a local discount store to but the snap together floor panels then checked one last venue.. craigslist. A quick search of craigslist turned up a few ads with about the same price range as in the stores. One ad was offering about 120 square foot of floor panels for only $50. Long story short my antique off grid camper was about to get an internal face lift with some new flooring! A couple had purchased a new house and did not like the new flooring that was just put in. So I was able to save some money by buying basically brand new flooring for my off grid project at half the retail price.. just less than fifty cents a new camper floor panelssquare foot.

If you have been keeping up with my little journey and the podcast you know it has been an eventful one. Not having a steady flow of everyday utilities when you live on the grid can be challenging. At times I had to wait until the solar panels charged the batteries so I could use the skill saw again. Many other days I had to stop early because the mega sized toaster oven that was my camper in the middle of serious summer heat made it dangerous. So needless to say when you have a pretty sizable task in front of you like an off grid project that is my fixer upper camper every day counts. Sometimes you just need to break it all down to baby steps and take it one DIY fixer upper project at a time. Every day is rewarding with small goals met. And yes every day is an adventure out here in mother nature’s playground. At least out here in the wild my humble little camper was starting to look a little more like home. Redoing and finally repairing the floor after a month of having to step over a 2 foot square piece of plywood just inside the door was a huge relief. It meant that I no longer had to worry about falling through the floor because until this point bare insulation and a thin sheet of original underside of metal was the only thing to break my fall to the ground. Each day out here off the grid in the camper feels like a small victory. It gives you a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that yes you indeed can do a lot more than you think. Every day you have the opportunity to learn something new. Today I learned some basic carpentry and flooring skills! lol What did you learn today? 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Don’t be afraid to try a DIY project because you can do it & you will learn something!
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