Episode 56: Major Show UPDATE, Hanging out, Seasoning Cast Iron, & Making Beer

seasoning cast iron dutch oven

As the title suggests today’s podcast is ushering in the new season of fall with a seasoning cast iron skilletsmajor show update in number of weekly episodes for Off The Grid Podcast along with some new additions yet to come. I started recording episodes back in February documenting my journey from living an average suburban lifestyle to here in a little camper off the grid. If you have been following the show these episodes have been posted 5 days a week for about the last 3 months. Now that podcast episodes are pretty much up to date its time for fun projects to begin right in line withe the start of fall weather. The edge of summer heat just gave way no long ago and for the first time this year I was able to enjoy an entire weekend here off the grid.

My brother and I had been planing to get together and he was wanting to check out the off grid camper. My brother and I hung out this weekend catching up on old chopping away stumptimes, cooked out on the rocket stove, built a good fire, and seasoned a lot of cast iron cookware. Despite having rained all weekend we made the best of it and just enjoyed the down time away from it all. It literally rained all day Friday, all day Saturday, and eased up on Sunday as he sunshine finally wrestled free from the clouds. We put up a good sized canopy tent shielding us from the rain making for a cool place to hangout. Building a nice campfire while enjoying the sights & smells of wood smoke was a relaxing bonus to combat the rainy day. Once the fire got going we added all of the cast iron cookware. Cooking with cast iron is always good and once in a while they need to be re-seasoned. Swapping out a cast iron skillet, dutch oven, and cast iron pan over several hours enjoying the smell of good campfire was really nice as the sun went down. Sunday the sun managed to start winning the battle with the clouds above as my brother headed out. brewing beer fermentationHopefully he had a great time here off the grid!

After my brother headed out I got to working on the fermentation of my new “Off Grid” brew. (Spoiler Alert) ~ Last week I recorded an episode on brewing beer. The brewing beer Episode will be posted very soon. As the sun went down and the Super Moon graced the night sky I get everything out for the second half of fermenting my batch of chocolate peanut butter off grid beer. This is indeed a very special batch of beer because not only is it the first beer I have brewed off the grid (on a rocket stove by the way) but it is also being made during a very rare celestial event. The second fermentation of this brewing process was done during a lunar eclipse blood moon. Will it make a difference brewing beer during a full moon? I honestly don’t brewing beer fermentation 2know but one thing is for sure this is going to be a very special Off Grid Brew no matter what! Speaking of which.. if any of you listening have a good idea or few I am asking for your help to name this special batch of Off Grid beer. It is being made with chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, and vanilla bean extracts so the flavor profile should be quite interesting to say the least! Do you have a cool or unusual idea to help me come up with a name for this brew? Please post in here in today’s episode with your ideas 🙂

Yes I like to do a lot of cool stuff here off the grid and learning to be more self sufficient in having the ability to garden, preserve your own food, make your own deodorant, soap, hunt, and learning new skills is always a plus. Invest in yourself. You can’t go wrong learning new “old skills” because you are investing in yourself. It will always pay benefits when you learn to do something new for yourself.. and others as well. Everybody stay safe and enjoy the ride! 🙂


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