Episode 86: Listener Feedback & Strange Things in the Woods

Today’s episode of Off The Grid Podcast is another listener feedback show. It still strikes me as odd at times that there are more and more of you finding, listening to, and emailing in for the show. I have been recording episodes of the podcast for almost a year now yet waited until I was actually off grid to start posting them. Off The Grid Podcast began taking the internet airwaves back in early July and thanks to each and every one of you listener feedback shows now seem to be semi-regular and growing part of the podcast. It may not seem like much to someone outside looking in or reading this now but each time I get an email from one of the listeners (you) its a small light of encouragement to keep going strong. Yes I would continue doing my thing out here off the grid in the little camper, taking my mini adventurous walks in the woods, and dealing with the challenges of each new season but still it means a lot when something new pops in the inbox. lol

Recently a couple of emails came in from listeners just like you. First up I share a quick email from Jill in Chicago. She sent in an email with this AMAZING looking recipe. I got a small kick out of what she described as something good to try in that little “gizmo” I cook with. lol 🙂 The gizmo is my Rocket Stove!! Yup if you have been listening to the podcast for any length of time you know I am a huge fan of the Rocket Stove and I also love to cook. Unfortunately the ongoing refrigeration or lack of has been a major challenge. Next up was an email sent in from Carl & Maggy from Michigan. His email was a bit longer. He shared some hard earned experience from his trials building, assembling, and ultimately buying a good shelter to work under. The shelter also acts as a great cover for storing larger items like firewood or a vehicle outdoors. Carl emailed in a couple of other suggestions but I will leave that for the show. You have to have some reason to listen to Off The Grid right?! lol

If you are reading this then hopefully you have taken the time to listen as well because I also shared a few stories from my recent ongoing mini adventures out here off grid in the woods. As one might guess living out in the woods alone with all of the mild to wild surprizes mother nature has is not for those who are easily startled! Last night I pulled up down the dirt path after a long day, got out of my car with my LED headlamp on, and was greeted by the sound of a couple dozen startled crows above. They scared the CRAP out of me! This was strange because I have never seen them perch there before. The large number of birds with their fast flapping wings right by my car high up in the tree tops directly above got my heart rate going fast! It was kind of like something out of an Edgar Alen Poe poem. lol Hopefully they choose a better perch next time. If you are listening to the podcast then hopefully you will enjoy my other mini adventurers as well. 🙂 One quick note.. if you heard me mention my phone battery being low. Well what you may not know is my iPhone batter has been giving me trouble for quite a while now. It appears that the batter may now be completely DONE! Why am I taking time to write about this you might ask? As I mentioned in today’s episode of Off The Grid Podcast there was going to be a link with a video I took this morning in the woods of the odd tree / cane I found. My iPhone will no longer turn on! GRRRRrrr! So please be patient until I get a replacement to access my phone again. Once it is straight I will post a link to the video here. As for a real quick side note did you know that many products are designed by manufactures to fail after a certain lifespan? Yes it is true!! GRRrrrrr!! OK I will get off my soap box now. Thank you once again for listening to th podcast and also taking time to email. If you have something to share or have questions, comments, or feedback please send them in! I would love to hear from you! 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Be still once in a while & observe your environment. You may see something cool right in front of you!
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