Episode 112: Life Moves Pretty Fast ~ Take 5, Slow Down, & Appreciate the World around you!

take 5

Recently I found myself in a conversation that caused me to reflect back at my journey over the last year to living off grid here in the camper. After working so hard to remove myself from the rat race of urban city life (at least after work) I was reminded that even in a small way that the wonder I have of nature can fade if I am not careful to appreciate life each day. Its not that hard really when you think about it. Most of us go about our lives without so much as a thought regarding the beauty that is all around us. Ok so each of us are at different stages in life and chances are some are more or less in “better” places or environments. A quote comes to mind if you find yourself not liking where you are in life..

“Until the pain of same exceeds the the pain of change you will sit in the same”

In a nutshell this is where I was at about a year ago. No matter how crummy some days or nights were I still took time to walk outside many nights and look up at the stars. I made good use of many a Saturday mornings cooking pancakes on the Rocket Stove. Sure I was living in the suburbs then but I took time to appreciate nature in my own back yard at the time.. and I loved it! So again if you are still listening to today’s episode of the Off The Grid Podcast please take 5 to stop and appreciate the life you have in the world around you. If you identify strongly with the quote above then this might just be an even better reason for you to consider taking time once in a while to practice the attitude of gratitude. Another favorite quote comes to mind.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while you could miss it.”

All of us at one time in our life have experienced the insane moment of realization when (fill in the number of years here ___ ) that pass us by only to think in the hear and now that time flies so fast. Why it was only yesterday when… So the next time you find yourself caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life please take a moment to pause. Please consider taking 5 minutes to breath calmly, reflect on where you are in life, and appreciate the world around you. You just might notice something new.


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  • Today’s lesson: Life moves pretty fast. Take 5 once in a while to appreciate the world around you.
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