Episode 29: Mystery hole & Leaky roof in the Off Grid Camper

leaky camper roof

The old adage of when it rains it pours was certainly true for today’s show. After redoing the camper roof by scraping the old layers off, applying a 3 gallon bucket of tar with a trowel, and a 5 gallon bucket of rubber sealant with a paint roller.. the rain still made its way inside. With the water streaming down into a 5 gallon bucket at a steady pace it made me think. If I had to do it all over again it might have been better to simply save up money to buy a better camper for this off grid venture that was less of a fixer upper! a good rainstorm had made its way through the area and my off grid camper was right in the middle of the heaviest downpour. It was getting late as this episode of the Off Grid Podcast was recorded about 9:30PM and I was tired. Despite the late start I was able to get a couple of things done in the camper.

Despite the leaky sealing one thing was clear.. this camper was turning out to be more work than I had originally imagined. Everything seems to be coming down to three things.. time, distance, and money. 1. Time: Because of the workable time (daylight when its not crazy hot outside) in any given day. 2. Distance: With the camper being about an hour’s drive away from where I was staying (crashing on the couch) then “distance” quickly adds up to more “time”. 3. Money: After stretching my time short to try and work on the camper the money needed to put toward fixing the camper was in a delicate balance. The minimum 2 hours daily drive time and distance meant that in order to generate the funds to buy materials for the off grid camper I needed to work more.. taking more time away from fixing the camper.

Four months had now passed since my original goal of being off the grid by March 1st and being June the year was half over already. The fact that the camper was here now and not half a days drive did make a huge difference in the amount of progress being made. Again if you have been listening to Off The Grid Podcast you are up to date on all of life’s challenges and stumbling blocks. Many of my friends and family would ask what I needed. I told them I needed help.. like help working on the camper but when it came down to it they were not willing to make the drive. The only one that did was my cousin and honestly without him I would not be this far along right now. He has been a huge help! Thank you Jason! your the best man!

“I don’t know what I don’t know yet but I’m learning it”

Today’s podcast was a long one and if your tuning in daily I apologize for posting this one a day late. It is turning out to be a very good and busy summer. Anyway I will go ahead and wrap this up so more episodes can be posted on time. 😛 Thank you guys for listening and keeping up with the journey from the suburbs to off the grid.

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