Episode 75: Its December 1st. What to do with the rest of the year?

off grid fire pit

In case you missed it today is December 1st which brings up a good question with thoughts of making best use of what time is left of 2015. What to do with the rest of this year? For me out here in the off grid camper some of the obvious comes to mind. I still need to get the wood stove in the camper. Firewood as fuel will also be needed for the wood stove. If you remember a few weeks back my neighbor was a huge help when he dropped off a bunch of firewood we collected from downed tree limbs and branches. This last weekend with the sky clear I was able to get out there and cut the wood. I cannibalized an old jumper box by connecting the jumper cables from the power inverter to my car battery. Quickly assembling a mini mobile power supply and turning on my car I went to work with the electric chainsaw. Yes you can use power tools off the grid if you have a power inverter, old set of jumper cables, 120v extension cord, and working vehicle with some gas in the tank. Being ably to use power tools is a huge time saver and force multiplier when you need to make short work of an otherwise time consuming job. While most of the weekend was spent gathering (bonfire wood), cutting, chopping, and stacking firewood I get a little work done on the solar heating project too. I only added a small piece of plywood to the main front part and put up some more tar paper but I was satisfied with some progress.

Looking back at the past 11 months and forward to this last month of 2015 I made a quick list of things I would like to accomplish in the next 30 days. The list below includes both a few personal goals, a few things for Off The Grid Podcast, and arguably necessities for out here in the off grid camper.

  1. Christmas Decorations – To decorate or not to decorate that is the question. Absolutely! Even if it looks like a redneck Christmas off grid in the camper straight of a scene out from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! lol
  2. Christmas Gifts – Yes this is the time for giving the gift of cheer but I against dropping a lot of money on “stuff” so I am trying to think of some cool gifts that I could make for loved ones this Christmas.
  3. Firewood – Continue to gather and chop firewood for the wood stove (even though its not installed in the camper.. yet.
  4. Winterizing the Camper – Continue to winterize the off grid camper.
  5. Food Preparation – Stock back up on extra food and water out here in the camper in case I get a couple of hard weeks at the least out here between the weather or other factors.
  6. Make Natural Seasonal Cold & Flu Remedies  – “Medieval Medicine” to help kick any viruses out of my system at the first sign of possibly coming down with either a cold. Natural Throat lozenges to help in the event that I do get sic.
  7. Road Ready – Buy and keep a couple bags of kitty litter in the trunk of my car in case I get stuck on an icy road.
  8. Smooth the Path – I still need to smooth out some of the good sized dips along the path from the road out to my off grid camper.
  9. Find a Date – Find a date for New Years Eve! This one should be self explanatory lol.
  10. Zello Anyone? – I am thinking of setting up a Zello channel.. A Zello channel has been created! It is an app available for iPhone, Android, & Windows phone users. If you are already on Zello search for “Off The Grid Podcast” channel and say HI!

Well if you are quickly glancing at the list above and then reflecting back at your own life then you have plenty to to as well I would guess. For me I scratched one off of the above by creating the Zello channel. One down and only nine to go in 30 days! lol I can do it 🙂


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