Episode 41: How are you doing out there Off The Grid?

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Good morning everyone in podcast land! How are you doing out there off the grid? This is a question I have been getting a lot lately. So I thought this would be a good opportunity to address some concerns and point out the fact that I am doing very good out here off grid! 🙂 It seems to be coming more from people that I interact with on a daily and weekly basis. To be fair most of the people asking are friends and family that care about my well being. It has now been about 2 months since officially being in the camper. You can tell that when they ask how I’m doing off grid there is a look of genuine concern on their faces. The thing is most people forget that it really was not that long ago that we all lived this way. Roughly two generations ago our grandparents simply knew this as a normal way of life. Nowadays we call this way of life being prepared.

There are many varying degrees of survival preparedness. You can be a hardcore survivalist on one end of the spectrum. Or you can be just getting back to basics so to speak by finding your way to some of the old common sense survival preparedness ways from not long ago. No matter which way you look at it when your living either on or off the grid we are all preppers. If we just choose not to be prepared like a majority of modern society the um.. “sheeple” in my opinion are just being unprepared by choice or poor preppers lol. Bahhhh! 😛 If our grandparents did not get ready for spring, tend their gardens, and chop wood for winter then they were in for a tough year. Survival is hardwired into our DNA and it should be common sense but our modern culture has sometimes vilified being prepared.

As I grew up I observed my mom with her unconventional ways and my dad some years fiddling in the garden. Like a seed planted long ago most of that influence did not take hold until late in my life (the last 5 years or so). My mom gave me a Solar Living catalog that opened my eyes to new technologies like solar panels, solar projects, and alternative energy applications for daily living. Early on my dad fixed a 9V battery connector by taking a 9 volt battery apart. It was through the early examples of applying the brain to think exercising critical thinking skills that I was given that spark of creative curiosity. Fast forward to today and here I am taking a journey off the grid living in a camper documenting everything so that hopeful someone else can learn from my experience as well. I wake up appreciating each day reminding myself just how grateful I am to have this opportunity to spread my wings and fly. If a bird is never allowed to leap out f the nest nothing can be learned and it will never fly. It is only through hard work coupled with successes and sailors that we grow. If you take only one thing from today’s show please know that if this is something that you want to do you can go off the grid just as I did. It doesn’t have to be they way I did but know that you can do anything you want to do if you set your mind to it. Living off grid just happened to be my path at this point in my life’s journey. Your just lucky enough to have stumbled upon my early days when things were / are rough at times! lol 😉

If you are listening to today’s episode then consider this a big thank you for listening to Off The Grid Podcast while keeping up with things so far. The podcast has really been going good with new listeners checking out the shows! A few of you have started reaching out with some very useful info and feedback that has helped me out a lot here in the camper! Things can sometimes be challenging for us all and when we as a community start to share knowledge everyone benefits. There truly is strength in numbers. I am truly grateful for each and every one of you listening to these early episodes of the podcast. You make the difference because my journey is still in the very early stages. Without you I would only be a single voice deep from within the woods, speaking into a microphone as nature says hello, and quietly posting into the vast unending space of the internet not knowing if it was ever heard. And yes that is a lot of space! LOL Hmm.. which brings to mind if nobody is around to hear a tree fall does it make a sound? The world may never know. 😛 Until next time remember its not what you have its what you know. Stay safe, follow your dreams, and don’t forget if your going off the grid take your thinking cap as well! 🙂


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