Episode 15: Got 4 tires for the Off Grid Camper to get road ready!

Today was another cool day of hunting the flea markets and buying things for the camper. I found a couple of fire extinguishers which will help with overall safety in the event of a fire. I also found a very small and quite unusual small heater. The heater is about the size of a piece of bread lol. While the heater is AC it does seem like something that will hopefully not pop a breaker like some of the larger ceramic ones. Big news of the day!! I bought 4 new (used) tires for $140 that should fit the future off grid camper. I took a spare tire from the camper to match bolt pattern so everything should fit right.

Its not what you have its what you know.

Today’s Off The Grid podcast was recorded back in Mar. 2015 ( posting shows rapidly to get up to date with current episodes 🙂

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