Episode 70: Getting Organized ~ When you create space magic happens!

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Any time you choose the path less traveled and live the off grid lifestyle in a camper, tiny house, log cabin, or any alternative building small structure you more than likely become very good at organization. Choosing to live in a smaller structure whatever that is absolutely means you will sharpen your organizational skills almost daily because if you don’t it will quickly begin to bother you. In preparing for today’s Off The Grid Podcast episode I made a short list based off of the 5 common “W”s.. who, what, where, when, and why of getting organized! This may not be true for everyone but one thing I am noticing is that when you create space magic happens! lol OK so let me explain.

Here are the five “W”s in no particular order. 🙂 WHO is pretty much self explanatory and could be you, yourself along with those you live with, or in this case myself for today’ podcast. WHAT is typically most off grid structures such as campers, tiny houses, log cabins, Yurt tent houses, or again any alternative structure that is not the average size house on the grid. WHERE should be another obvious one with that being “off the grid”. Honestly the concept is not limited to this whole off grid movement but if you think about it.. well the structures we choose to live in are generally smaller so getting and staying organized is an important daily exorcise. WHEN could be anytime really but for the purpose of this outline I felt like two times of the year fit best. Spring and fall immediately came to mind because they mark the beginning as well as the end of two extremes of our outdoor vs indoor activity filled months.. hence getting organized at these times provide awesome working weather indoors or out to get ready for the next two season. Plus why wait for 1 mega huge round of spring cleaning?!! lol Living the smaller more sustainable and rewarding life with less stuff means organizing your possessions on a regular basis. WHY get organized in your camper, tiny house, or off grid cabin? Why not?! lol One immediate benefit is knowing exactly where your stuff is at. If you like working on and making things this is especially important and will save you a huge amount of time in the long run. When you are organized you can take a deep breath mentally! Seriously.. have you every put off cleaning a room or your whole house for a good length of time? Yeah its kind of like that! lol

When you create space magic happens!

In short when you do get around to getting organized you will be forced to confront your “stuff”. Your stuff is yes obviously sorting through, organizing, giving away, and dealing with the countless items you have accumulated over the years. Chances are dealing with “stuff” will also force us all to confront even minute parts of ourselves that we struggle with sometimes every time we give in to shiny object syndrome! lol Yes the whole modern societal consumer mindset has a stronghold collectively on most of us still. I made a serious conscious decision about 3 years ago to confront this green monster and let me tell you it is a daily struggle sometimes. Living off grid in a smaller structure will force you to take every new purchase into consideration because well.. you only have so much room in your “house”. You become really good friends with your practical side! 🙂 I recently watched an off grid video where this woman and her husband were living in an RV. She noted that most of an fights they had were over one or the other leaving just a few things out. The thing is that when you living this lifestyle it only takes a few things for your house to look messy. When you create space magic happens! This concept could be applied to many aspects of life. No matter how you look at it there is a positive around every corner. Think of it like this.. You are creating space for more wealth, happiness, and joy in your life every time you get organized. 🙂


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