Episode 34: FRYING a brand new Multimeter on the Solar System

soft testing solar system

If you have been keeping up with the podcast hopefully your half as excited as I am bout finally being off grid! Today’s episode is coming once again in the camper as I was still taking everything in with the new surroundings. For the last four months I was staying at a friends house on the couch because when I originally planned to be off the grid in March everything simply wasn’t ready but I still had to move.. somewhere. The move was planned but when it was clear the camper would not be ready in time I had to go with plan “B” which was staying on a friends couch. The time had finally arrived to be off the grid and it was still settling in. I was not used to the peace and quiet yet but was still making progress each day in the camper. I just bought a brand new multimeter the day before.

I was also excited and looking forward to getting started with the day because I got a new multimeter. I had taken some electronics classes in high school but that was a long time ago! lol A multimeter can be used to check various things when troubleshooting electronics. I had just put two 85 watt solar panels on the roof of the off grid camper with only one of them hooked up to start. The solar panel was converting energy from the sun into DC (Direct Current) Power. The DC power was being regulated through a Charge controller feeding into the deep cycle batteries. The charge controller basically helps to protect your batteries from being over charged.. and having to prematurely buy new batteries. A side note: On average it takes 3 hours / times as long to charge your batteries as it does to use 1 hour to use the power stored. Whoops!!!!! After double checking the settings and putting the multimeter on its highest setting I FRIED IT! Soon after I hooking up the multimeter and realizing it was indeed cooked a burnt electronics smell filled the air in the camper. This was a minor downer to start the day but I was not detoured. It was time to make good use of time by hooking up some LED lights. Today’s episode of the Off Grid Podcast was recorded back in July ~ new shows being posted 5 days a week until current! 😉


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Know your meter BETTER than you think you know your meter. Don’t blow it!
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